Admish Enters Public Beta

    September 17, 2007

I’m not sure that any two people have the same college admissions experience; once a student considers the number of majors, the number of schools, his (or her) parents’ income, and his (or her) own academic abilities, a range of responses can be appropriate.  But, a new social network, wants to make the process easier on everybody.

“Everybody,” in this case, does mean everybody, “including students, college admissions officers, high school guidance counselors, parents, college access programs, teachers, and other educators,” according to a press release.  Perhaps Admish’s owners should have added in mechanics – the cars of college students and their parents can log a lot of miles – but the list pretty well covers all other possibilities.

The end result is a network through which those people can interact.  Students are encouraged to market themselves through their profiles, and admissions officers can presumably determine if the kids are inclined to TyPe LiKe ThIs.  There’s also a large amount of standard information about tuition, admissions, and so on.

Admish jumpstarts the [application] process for everyone involved, truly preparing students to get into college by helping them build strong academic and personal profiles, set specific goals for their future, and provide the necessary tools and resources to enable them to find success,” explained Kyla Kupferstein, Admish’s Director of College Guidance.

So the proverbial stage is set; all that remains to be seen is whether the people involved in the college admissions process feel like playing on it.  Hat tip to 901am’s Dennis Bouchand.