AdGooroo Paints Microsoft’s Q3 As Excellent

    October 9, 2008

Companies’ third quarter reports will soon be out, and given current economic conditions, what they say will be more important than ever.  AdGooroo indicates that Microsoft might just steal the show with some impressive search and advertising data.

Small numbers are more easily influenced than big ones, of course, and it’s no secret that Microsoft trails Yahoo and Google in just about every respect.  Still, as AdGooroo says, "Microsoft has come back in a big way.  During Q3, we measured a 19.3% increase in active first page advertisers."

Also, "[i]n just one year, Live Search has grown their active advertiser base by almost 32% . . . .  That they’ve been able to retain advertisers in the face of an uncertain economic environment is a sign of both excellent customer service as well as positive return on investment."

Meanwhile, the statistics tied to Yahoo make Microsoft’s failure to acquire the company look like a good thing.  Very little changed from past quarters except that AdGooroo detected a 2.3 percent decrease in active first page advertisers, so anyone who expected Yahoo’s situation to improve is liable to be in for a disappointment.

Finally, AdGooroo believes market leader Google didn’t do a whole lot better.  While there was a 3 percent increase in the number of active advertisers it attracted, ad coverage dropped to record lows.  Whoops.

We’ll see what Microsoft, Yahoo, and Google have to say, though, as official stats may differ.