Adele: Baby Takes Backseat To James Bond

    October 5, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Adele’s baby is on the minds of seemingly everyone lately, mostly because she’s been pretty tight-lipped about her due date (and didn’t even announce she was pregnant until she was several months along).

The mama-to-be has been seen out and about a few times recently, but most people assumed she was taking it easy in preparation for the baby. Not so, fans, not so. She’s got a new song out, “Skyfall”, which will be featured in the upcoming “James Bond” film, and it’s garnering great reviews. Check it out for yourself.

  • Anna

    Great gal with the greatest voice! Adele is filling up the Brits hearts in the lose of Amy Whinehouse!

    Love this gal and wish only Happiness!Wish to hear her in real.