Addressing Letters Using Your Outlook Contacts List

    June 23, 2003

You can use your Outlook Contacts list to start writing a letter in Word.

1. In Outlook, select a contact.

2. Choose New Letter to Contact from the Actions menu. This will start Word’s Letter Wizard.

3. Complete step 1 of the Letter Wizard and then click Next.
Step 1 lets you set up the letter’s format, including date line, header/footer, page design, and letter style. You may also choose to use pre-printed letterhead.

4. Complete step 2 of the Letter Wizard and then click Next.
Step 2 will contain the recipient information taken from the contact you had selected in Outlook. You may also add a salutation in this step.

5. Complete step 3 of the Letter Wizard and then click Next.
Step 3 lets you include other letter elements such as a reference line, mailing instructions, attention line, and subject line. You can also add courtesy copy information, either manually, or by clicking on the Insert Address button.

6. Complete step 4 of the Letter Wizard and then click Finish.
Step 4 lets you add sender information, such as name, return address, and closing and enclosure information. Step 4 also contains a preview of the letter. You can use the Back button to return to any of the previous steps if necessary.

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