Addicted to Blogging

    March 28, 2007

I think I have officially got my wife hooked on blogging. Earlier this year she started a blog called Aditi World and now she is always looking for tips and insight in order to grow her daily traffic numbers and subscribers. Every evening you can find us battling for use of the computer so we can update our respective blogs.

She’s a great writer to begin with and with my assistance on the SEM side of things her blog is ranking quite well for a lot of phrases related to restaurants, cities, movie reviews and activities she has written about. She doesn’t quite understand the way search engines index and rank sites therefore she is always curious on why her blog is not on the first page of the results for more generic keywords. Lately she’s been leaving useful comments on other blogs and has been submitting her blog to various blog directories such as My Blog Log and Blog Catalog.

If you have been wanting to start your own blog and want to hit the ground running try implementing the following suggestions (I had my wife do all of these):

– Post to your Blog Often. The fresher your content is the more search engines spiders will visit your blog.

– Don’t spam your Blog posts with the repetitive keywords

– If you want to see Search Engine Rankings consider a niche rather than a generic blog

– Become a part of communities in your niche (other blogs, forums)

– Sign up for a Google Alerts account you can find out when other bloggers post about the same topic. This will be useful in establishing relationships through commenting.

– Sign up for Technorati and also tag your content. Newer blogs should be patient with Technorati because it tends to update newer blogs slower then more authoritative ones.

– Use FeedBurner and offer subscriptions via email.

– Email your blog to your friends and family and have them pass it their contacts

– Have your significant other dedicate a post to you so you can receive more visitors and back links