Add To Google Buttons Up Personal Areas

    April 4, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

In response to syndicated content owners’ requests for new ways to drive adoption of their feeds and modules, Google has supplied an “Add to Google” button that can be added to websites.

The new button allows webmasters, bloggers, and podcasters a one-step method for fans to add content to their feeds on their personalized homepage or Google Reader.

Also, says Google Software Engineer Adam Sah, the personalized homepage has a new directory with content modules that can be added to personalized Google homepages.

The directory includes things like weather forecasts,’s Word of the Day, daily quotes, horoscopes, movie listings, news, and sports.

Developers can also create modules to submit to Google using the Google Homepage API. This allows webmasters to create a feed module for placement in Google’s index of modules.