AdCenter Tweaks Its Campaign Manager

    October 29, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

The campaigns Microsoft advertisers manage through the company’s adCenter system should be easier to handle after a weekend of upgrades.

For some reason, the adCenter bloggers are spacing out the details behind the recent round of updates to post throughout the week.

First up is the editorial upgrade, which helps people fill in everything they should for their campaign. The adCenter team said this will keeps ad lengths within limits, and ensure correct formatting of display and destination URLs.

Good editorial work means an approved ad will hit the network quickly. Ads that need to be fixed will be caught during the editorial process, saving the advertiser time in the editorial review process.

If an ad runs afoul of adCenter’s guidelines, the Status column on the Keywords and Ad tabs will point advertisers to the details of the disapproval. This should make the process of changing disapproved content faster.

The adCenter blog should have more details about updates to campaign management and to reporting in future posts.