Adam Richman Bit Off More Than He Could Chew


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TV star Adam Richman, known for his hit series Man vs. Food, was on his way back to television with Man Finds Food.

By all accounts it looked like it might be another hit for Richman.

But thanks to the fallout from a Instagram-related controversy, we’ll likely never know.

Unsatisfied with his weight, the Travel Channel host managed to shed pounds through dieting.

Things were going well for Richman until he posted the following message on Instagram: “Had ordered this suit from a Saville Row tailor over a year ago. Think I’m gonna need to take it in a little….”

The comment was innocent enough. The thing that raised eyebrows was the casual inclusion of the #Thinspiration tag.

If you don’t know, “thinspiration” is a series of images and sayings that often emphasis unhealthy eating habits and pro-anorexia messages. The tag is considered especially harmful to young women and girls.

As a man who just turned 40, it’s doubtful he can relate to the ongoing concern over this trend. When it was pointed out to him...things got ugly.

I’m talking “wishing suicide on people” ugly.

Though Richman later "apologized", the tag inclusion and subsequent rant (which largely missed the mark as to WHY people were upset...) left a bad taste in the mouth of quite a few people.

Travel Channel got wind of the matter rather quickly and decided to put the brakes on Richman's show.

Amelie Tseng, a spokeswoman for the Travel Channel, said that the series premiere was postponed and that the network had “no further comment. This means that the show could end up on the air at some point.

Or it could be the end of Adam Richman.

The memories of travel and food-related networks is really long when it comes to scandals.

Just ask Paula Deen.

Image via YouTube