Adam Lanza Police Report Reveals a Life-Long Obsession With Murder

    December 29, 2013
    Heather Vecchioni
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“Emotionally paralyzed” and “overly fatalistic and bleak” are just some of the words used to describe Adam Lanza, the man who gunned down 20 first-graders and six teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary school on December 14, 2012.

According to a recently-released police report regarding the 20-year-old, he had a lifelong obsession with death and mass murder, and dealt with a variety of mental diseases. However, although the report was quite extensive, the mentally-disturbed Lanza still remains quite a mystery.

Before shooting his mother four times in the head while she slept and then ultimately killing himself, Lanza composed scores of poems and stories in his lifetime, many of which dealt with the murdering of children. The composition The Big Book of Granny featured a section entitled “Granny’s Clubhouse of Happy Children,” in which the main character traveled with a rifle gun that was used to murder and terrorize children and other citizens.

Another chapter, entitled “Dora the Beserker” – an obvious knock-off of the children’s television show Dora the Explorer – tells the tale of a girl named Dora, who with the help of her sidekicks Shoes the monkey and Swiper the racoon, hurt children in a day care.

In the seventh grade, Lanza also composed essays about war that were so graphic they could not be shared with anyone but the school principal.

Although Lanza’s stories cover horrific depictions of murder and aggression, he was also able to create poems so touching they brought the audiences to tears.

School officials state that Lanza’s parents weren’t upfront about his mental illnesses, which were thought to be Asperger’s syndrome – a form of autism that is non-violent – and Profound Autism Spectrum disease.

In school, Lanza would sit by himself and refuse to interact with other students. However, he would spend most weekends at the local movie theater playing the video game Dance Dance Revolution.

According to the reports, Lanza went into Sandy Hook elementary that ill-fated day because he was jealous of the students there, and believed his mother, a volunteer at the school, loved them more than she loved him.

Lanza and his mother, Nancy, lived alone together, although towards the end of both their lives, only communicated via email. Lanza didn’t leave his room for three months, and Nancy had recently told her friends she never “felt in any personal danger living with Adam.”

A few days later, Lanza ended her life, his own and 26 other innocent teachers and children.

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  • Really?

    Please. I don’t care what the report says. Anyone can make up stories. I want to see video tape. Not a 50+ tape where 90% of the screen is blued out and says “redacted”.

    They are not showing any real information. They destroyed the school. A 911 tape was released where you can clearly hear the word “fake” and then the person who said that is yelled at and told to get off the phone. Another 911 tape has a person who was shot and she sounds as if she is ordering a happy meal at McDonalds. Then there is the discrepancies between what the kids said and what the police reported.

    America, go to YouTube, watch these videos:

    1) Sandy hook 911 Operator says Shooting FAKE in background
    2) Sandy Hook 911 Recordings REMOVED From Net

    If you watch all those videos and still think everything is being told about Sandy Hook, well God Bless You.

    Something is not right about Sandy Hook.

  • Phil

    When I would tell my daughter to go clean her room but she wouldn’t let me see it when she was done, I knew she didn’t clean her room. My daughter was simply lying and not letting me see.

    Well, the authorities are telling you something happened at Sandy Hook, but they aren’t letting you see any real evidence. I think we all know why. They are lying.

    It is that basic. It is that simple.

  • Pamela Valemont

    If so many severely delusional Americans were not obsessed with seeing a conspiracy theory under the bed at every turn, they would see this shockingly inhumane act for exactly what it is. Is their inability to grasp reality a genetic defect, a predisposition inherited from the founding fathers, who were known to be something akin to a bunch of religious anarchists who jumped aboard the Mayflower in England and hightailed it to America?

    There can be do doubt that the mental health authorities and current system plus Nancy Lanza’s ridiculous and irresponsible attitude to letting Adam carry 3 of her guns at the time she was extremely worried about his mental health, were the primary causes for these fatalities. However, his father is not exempt from blame. I have just seen a picture on the Internet of Adam Lanza at one year of age or possibly younger, playing with a real gun, surrounded by an arsenal of weapons. His Dad now says he wishes he had never been born. I am sure Adam also wishes this now, in retrospect, that he had never been born, certainly not into that family. They, the crazy gun culture of America to which they ascribed and contributed, combined with the absence of tight gun laws in the USA are entirely responsible for this incredibly cruel tragedy. There is no psychological test that can adequately safeguard the community against such a crazed gunman, and no way of knowing when they will strike, where, or at whom. The only answer is to ban the guns
    out of the hands of the general populace, especially heavyweight military hardware, for whom such guns were not designed in the first place.

    Adam Lanza and the Newtown Massacre ebook