Adam Lanza: Haircut Was “Uncomfortable” For Barber

    December 20, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Among the first people to describe what it was like to interact with Newtown shooter Adam Lanza and his mother–who lived notoriously private lives and never invited people into their home–were hair stylists Bob Skuba and Diane Harty. As investigators uncover clues about the boy’s behavior bit by bit, the comments are becoming more important as everyone involved tries to understand what the Lanza’s world was like.

“I would say, `Adam, come on.’ He wouldn’t move,” Skuba said. “And his mother would have to say, `Adam, come on, he’s ready.’ It was like I was invisible.”

Harty agreed, saying that the Lanza’s regular visits to their salon were “a very long half an hour. It was a very uncomfortable situation.”

Both stylists say they never heard Adam speak during any of his frequent visits, and that he and his mother had stopped making appointments a few years ago; employees of the salon thought the family had moved away.

Adam is said to have suffered from the learning disability Asperger’s but was extremely bright. His mother reportedly quit her job to stay home and take care of him full time, relying on her ex-husband’s substantial child support payments for income. Acquaintances say she was loathe to let anyone into her home, however, and that Adam was extremely isolated. He allegedly spent much of his time in one of the two rooms he occupied in the sprawling home, playing video games and working on the computer. Investigators have taken that computer as evidence and are trying to extract any information from the hard drive that might lead them to a motive for the shooting, or point them in the direction of what Adam was doing that morning before he killed his mother and then headed to Sandy Hook Elementary. However, the boy destroyed the hard drive with a sharp object and police aren’t sure they’ll be able to find anything useful.

  • Susie

    Of course every one is now coming out of the woodwork saying how “uncomfortable” Adam made them feel. Tired of this… too little too late crap.

  • jeff hopkins

    Aspergers IS NOT A LEARNING DISABILITY!!!!!!!!!!! I have it and it is more of a social disability and please do not demonize people who have it. This man had more things going on other than Aspergers.

    • Kris

      I agree! My 15 yr old son has Aspergers and is a wonderful, bright and gentle spirit. I am tired of what the media is doing to the word “Aspergers”. This is not a mental illness. This world would actually be a better place with more Aspergers :)

  • Erika

    Uh, could we stop referring to Lanza as “the boy”? He isn’t twelve. He was a 20-year-old man.

    • cory

      uhh no because he was a boy!!! A real man would not act in such child ways….he was scum….a boy, not at all a man!!!

  • Melissa

    I don’t understand why people are always so shocked to learn that these maniacs have any number of “disorders” or “issues”… They have to have something wrong with them, normal people just don’t do things like this… There have become fewer and fewer places for these kinds of people to go and seek help, and that just leaves them out there floating around waiting to explode on the innocent people around them.. There needs to be more facilities for these folks, or some kind of care for them.. Two people called the police on the idiot in Aurora, CO, and both said he was about to snap and do something, and the police told them there was nothing they could do.. What a shame that lives have to be lost to get people to wake up and pay attention!!! May God help this country and protect those within!!

    • Out and About

      I totally agree!!! We tend to keep our troubled family members with us at home now to care for them…in olden days, many were simply stuffed away in a home and extensive rehabilitation was even considered. There is no telling how many we run into every day of our lives and don’t even know it. Scary and major frustrating for those of us who are just trying to live our lives and take care of our families.

      • Out and About

        *wasn’t even considered….sorry

  • Cora

    It is very strange that the don’t hear anything from his dad. He should be able to tell a lot about his son’s behavior and oddities. All this mystery when there are 1 parent and 1 sibling left who could possible explain this abominable behavior.

  • adarc

    So what? I don’t like talking to hairdressers either. Jeff is 100% correct Aspergers is NOT a learning disability, it is a social disability. My dad has had it his whole life. He could write complex computer programs in his head (he started back when computers needed punch cards) and he helped to set up one of the first transatlantic computer networks (pre- internet). But this brilliant guy couldn’t understand why everyone in the office was mad at him when he created a program for his bosses computers that tracked the amout of time the employees spent playing computer games or on the internet. He wasn;t trying to be a jerk, he just wanted to increase productivity, and he assumed everyone else would too.

  • Joe

    Figures. Two loser $8.00 per hour hair “sytlists” are the first to grab 15 minutes of fame off of this horrid situation. Someone should sneak into their shop with a container full of lice.

  • phillip

    WTH? What next, Adam Lanza Pez dispenser? Let it go and report on the concealed carry permit holders, that have been stopping crimes.

  • Bill

    Of course the local barber is the expert on disfuntional individuals since they do have a PhD as required by the Federal Barber College. Give everyone a break and stop giving this whack job attention. It just motivates others. What is next some 4 year old he shared a sand box with that will talk about how he used to play with cat feces?

  • K

    First, it’s really disgusting these hair stylists are coming out of the wood works for publicity, and it’s a shame the media is giving them free advertising. They clearly state it’s been years since he was even at the salon, so what could they possibly say that is pertinent now.

  • Carol

    Every day I see something referring to Adam Lanza, who by now is a household name. All I have to say, is who cares about different parts of his body, what he was thinking last year or the previous years. He was a cold blooded killer of innocent babies, who does NOT deserve any kind of reporting at all. Please stop reporting on him!

  • rich

    I’m not sure what his haircut has to do with anything if it even really happened.

  • bH

    If I were the hair stylists of this clown I wouldn’t be admitting it..

  • Robert Matysiak

    We always need to analyze motives in order to make sense and see what can be done to prevent further tragedies. People that don’t understand that should just back off from it. No one is trying to glorify this clown.

  • http://webpronews cate lynn

    Who gives a rats behind on this cold blooded killer of children? Why is this murderer getting so much publicity about his haircut? He is enjoying being in the spotlights you morons. Stop plastering his face all over the papers to keep reminding us of this killer.

  • Deb

    Well I am shocked these Barbers had to put in their thoughts. If they stopped going to you awhile ago maybe you two dont know how to cut hair. Maybe they just didnt like the way you cut. I would be embarrased to say I used to cut their hair and they just stopped coming to me. Oh ya and I am a Hairstylist so I know. when I get a client in my chair who doesnt talk it is uncomfortable, Yes, however I wouldnt classify them as having problems I would just classify them as quiet. Some people are you know

    • Monique

      What the heck are you talking about. your prob just as crazy as the shooter. Why are you defending this guy?

  • David

    What I want to know is why hasn’t anyone talked to the fast food worker who once handed him a hamburger? How is it possible to know what was going on in the mind of this guy without speaking to this fast food worker? What if he ordered his burger without ANY condiments? I think it was the responsibility of the manager of the fast food restaurant to have reported to the FBI about Lanza’s disturbing food tendencies, which clearly indicate a person about to go on a killing spree.

    • ne35ne

      What about the store that sold the Lanza’s Adam’s computer, clearly they missed something! *side eye*

      I couldnt agree with you more!

  • Jamie

    How about an article on each of the victims? STOP GLORIFYING THIS GUY!

  • Mark

    Please do the world a favor. Leave these people and this town alone with your search for inane trivia about this killer. Go home. Spend time with your family and you “amazing” kid. Go sing, be a wife, be an artist. Spare us the writing on this topic. Surely, there are thousands of other topics you could explore. Pitch a short story or screenplay – anything. Merry XMAS.

    • dave

      thanks.. great comment

  • Philly

    The harddrive was destroyed by a sharp object? Really?? Sounds like a convenient cover up to me and false flag. If you have time to remove the hard drive from it’s internal case, why not toss it to never be found? You mean to tell me Quantico’s computer forensics lab does not have the tools?

  • Jim

    Does ANYBODY care about this article?????? For crying out loud, it’s time for the media to stop giving this low-life bastard publicity. Let’s all back off now and give the families and friends of the innocent victims time to mourn.

    For God’s sake WebProNews, CNN and all the rest of you blood thirsty members of the media, why do you insist on making a Circus of this and all the rest of the world’s tragedies?

    BACK OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • divia16

      why do you care, he’s outta here. He’s not getting any publicity, He’s not a low-life, he is a no-life, the he your referring to, is no longer. He’s got a one way ticket to hell and he’s done, put a period on it.

  • Mindy

    Asperger’s is NOT a learning disability….do these reporters actually do an research before publising this articles??

  • YourNeighbor

    Rap songs (a so called music) is the true root of all evil. It started all the violence years ago, ban that crap

    • Lorie

      And rap music was mentioned where in this article? The shooters in the Columbine shooting were listeners of Rock music…do you have a problem with Rock too?

      • Ian

        And country music is a leading cause of domestic abuse… Get out of here with your bull crap!

  • http://at&t sam

    We need to pray for the families of these littles ones. They are the ones who will need us the most.