New Media Ad Spending May Hit $12.6B In 2012

    February 14, 2008

If a Parks Associates report is right, the next handful of years should be a great time for everyone in the "new multimedia platforms" advertising business; the report’s findings state that, in 2012, over $12.6 billion will be spent on these platforms.

That’s about seven times what was shelled out last year.  But since it’s hard to comprehend such huge numbers (we’re referring to the $12.6 billion, not the seven), a Parks Associates article breaks things down a little further.  "Broadband multimedia advertising, the focus of the expected Writers Guild of America resolution, will account for more than $6.6 billion of that total," the explanation begins.New Media Ad Spending May Hit $12.6B In 2012

Then, "Mobile infotainment services follow closely with more than $5 billion, and non-linear TV services like video-on-demand (VoD) and digital video recorders (DVR) will contribute more than $900 million in ad revenue for U.S. TV service providers."

This anticipates a whole lot of growth in every industry, but perhaps a special amount from those mobile infotainment services.  Mobile advertising exists right now, but it’s pretty much universally detested; people who are used to seeing ads everywhere else seem unable to accept them on their cell phones’ tiny screens.

Oh, well.  Before 2012, a recession could change things quite a bit.  Or, as Nicholas Carlson points out, "Also in 2012, the Mayan calendar ends on December 21.  So aliens will be getting all the profits anyway."