Activists YouTube Wolfowitz Into “The Office”

    April 20, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

Phil de Vellis created the now-famous ‘Hilary 1984’ video that exploded across YouTube and hordes of other sites; he’s at it again, helping an activist group cast World Bank president Paul Wolfowitz in a video as the less than brilliant leader of Dunder Mifflin.

Activists YouTube Wolfowitz Into
Activists YouTube Wolfowitz Into “The Office”
Activists YouTube Wolfowitz Into

De Vellis even posted the video to YouTube under his ParkRidge47 ID. That was a play on Hilary Clinton’s birthplace and year: Park Ridge, Illinois, 1947.

The sub-three minute video intersperses content from The Office with public appearances from Wolfowitz, set against the background of the global kerfuffle over his role in securing a State Department job for his romantic interest, Shaha Ali Riza.

An activist group called Avaaz worked with de Vellis to make the video. In their statement, which was passed along to us by MoveOn, Avaaz calls for the firing of Wolfowitz from the World Bank.

Avaaz also asked people to sign their online petition supporting their position. Over 40,000 people have done so, and they are trying to reach 50,000.

The tools available to modern Internet users allow for not just greater ability to express a viewpoint, but the potential to have a well-crafted message virally reach thousands of people. Such distribution through word of mouth, or we should say word of IM or email, makes these messages much more potent.

Whether someone agrees with Sidney Blumenthal or the Wall Street Journal on the Wolfowitz situation, it’s clear that people can have a greater say in modern politics than society has seen since the days of Thomas Paine.