Activist Blogs: Blogging For Societal Change

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Activist blogs are becoming a more important feature of the blogosphere. With the acknowledged power of blogging for business and for non-profit organization, it’s reasonable to expect that blogs would become a powerful tool for changing the world.

You’ll know the activist blogs when you see them. While your first thought might run to the various political blogs, I am referring more to the blogs that are issue related. For example, an activist blogger might write about the environment, abortion, legalizing drugs, or missing children, just to name a few controversial and emotion packed issues.

Activist blogs usually are single issue, and for good reason. The blogger wishes to concentrate the entire blog’s efforts toward a single and often highly controversial goal. Along with those various hot button issues, there will be controversy and negative feedback, as part of the overall package.

A blogger for the cause will learn from experience the highs, and unfortunate lows, that go along with activist blogging. Not every day will be pleasant, as opposition to the viewpoint will be frequent and not afraid to be heard. Blogging for change will result in negative feedback. That is part and parcel with the blogging genre, and should be expected. As a result, planning for problems is essential.

Blog comments for an activist blog will be busy, lively, and very often filled with personal attacks and worse. It’s important to maintain a balance of comments, and to avoid the temptation to delete opposing viewpoints. Comments must be left open, as free and open discussion and debate are essential for an activist blog. Comments might be even more important on an issue oriented blog than on any other type.

I would suggest that the only comments to delete are obvious spam, and remarks devoid of any value. That would include comments that were racist, sexist, lewd and profane, threatening of violence. Care must be taken to avoid the tendency to over moderate the comments. Let opposing viewpoints stand to encourage more comments and debate on the issues.

A blog certainly provides some very powerful techniques for aiding your chosen cause, and working toward those important goals. The blog will enable your voice to be heard in a crowd of other worthwhile organizations. The search engine visibility alone, makes the exercise a powerful one indeed.

Daily posts on your cause will keep readers returning for more information, either through bookmark, link, or site feed. Other people working to achieve the same societal changes will also link to your blog. Don’t be afraid to post contoversial issues, as they often invite the most attention to your cause. Be aware that a wider reading audience will also include some very vocal opposition to your position on the matter.

The mainstream media is constantly searching for spokespeople on various issues. A blogger is an ideal person to fill that role. With daily postings, and the necessary research to fill them, the blogger is very well informed on the topic. As an activist blogger, with a rising public profile, you may be called upon to speak or comment on your blogging issue. During a crisis or major event involving your issue, you may be called upon to comment on a moments notice.

As such, you will need to have contact information on your blog. Be aware of the risks involved, and provide a non-personal, issue only e-mail address. Keep your blog e-mail address separate from your personal ones at all times. A single address, dedicated to the blog is the best option to prevent personal attacks. If they do occur, you are able to change addresses very quickly as well.

Whether you are tying to change the world, or just your own little corner of it, activist blogs might provide the ideal outlet for your goals. Changes in ideas and attitudes happen one person at a time. It only takes one person to get the ball rolling, and to take a stand. Others will follow your lead, and perhaps join your cause. It won’t always be easy, and often discouraging, but your issues blog will be an important step toward achieving your goal.

Start your activist blog today.

You might even change the world.

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Activist Blogs: Blogging For Societal Change
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  • http://www.actionforeveryone.com/ Brad Barrish

    Hey Wayne. Just wanted to drop you a quick note that I thought your write-up was a good one. For many of us who are just starting out, there’s not much of an audience. I’m looking forward to the day when my readers give me more feedback. While many activist bloggers are focused on single issues, I’ve seen a trend towards activism in general, though perhaps around a specific genre. In any event, it’s good to see some attention given to us and I appreciate you taking an interest.

  • Guest

    The Only Answer I See

    These are just the words of a mad man! I am as mad as you can get with the way we treat each other and our planet. Thats right! OUR PLANET, it belongs to every single living organism. Why does where you were born or who you are related have anything to do with the quality of live. We have to learn to take care of them all. Ok to the point the only answer I can see is the immediate dissolving of all currencies and governments. I know this is going to be too hard to handle for most the minds of the world. But I truely believe if we can reach the truth of our civilizations. The fact that we are controlled by fear and money drives every aspect of our lives, and that the world has been enslaved by only a few men. Then I truely believe we can preserve our race, the human race. Here it is, my answer for the problems of today. Ofcourse we will have to solve global warming first because we have no hope if we dont. Every car becomes electric, map the entire worlds roads with the best GPS systems so that all cars are automated. More importantly more public transit needs to reach every part of the city. Your job will be something you excel at and love to do, you are only required to work for a year at any job before you can go back to school to train for another job if unsatisfied. How can we expect anyone to do just one thing for there entire lives. You work so when you need groceries you can go get them, when you need medical attention you go get it, your children get the best education because the teacher isnt worried about how to send their own children to school. We feed and cloth the world because we are able! Everyone deserves this. It will take some hard sacrifices but I am certain that we can do this. All we need to do is give up our vanity, forget about better than, think equal to. Start off small if your neighbor needs help, help them just to help. We all have the tools to live peacefully. Dissolve the governments of the world and become ONE. One with the earth and one with your community. Eventually we will all be free. Remember knowledge is power, so empower yourselves everyday by knowing what your government is upto. Peace Love and Harmony

  • http://adrianzupp.blogspot.com/ Adrian Zupp

    I invite you to take a look and, hopefully, sign up for my blog.



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