Active Blogging Flat At 15.5 Million Blogs

    April 27, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

Those who can be bothered to update their blogs at least once every 90 days has hit a broad piece of flat ground, with Technorati’s numbers showing minimal movement between October 2006 and March 2007.

Active Blogging Flat At 15.5 Million Blogs
Active Blogging Flat At 15.5 Million Blogs
Active Blogging Flat At 15.5 Million Blogs

It seems like everyone with Internet access has tried blogging. The appeal exists to put down one’s most pithy thoughts on topics ranging from the hottest of current events to the smallest slices of minutiae. The audience doesn’t matter so much as the freedom to post whatever, whenever, however one wants to say it.

A lot of bloggers have discovered what writers have known for quite a while. Writing requires effort. Anyone who thinks mercenaries care a lot about money hasn’t met a professional writer. It’s the carrot to the deadline stick.

Heather Green‘s look at Technorati’s numbers on blogging isn’t real surprising. Although the number of blogs continues to rise, David Sifry’s State of the Live Web shows a relative flatline in active blogging.

Green cited Gartner analyst Adam Sarner on why this is really a good thing:

Sarner argues that, since the audience reading blogs continues to grow, this classic tech cycle of hype and maturity is good news for the remaining blogs. Those left standing are the influencers that attract audiences and advertisers.

Blogging has been around for a few years, and advice abounds on the Internet on how to blog well. Someone who’s firing up WordPress or Movable Type for the first time, for whatever reason, should take away this lesson: blog fame isn’t a sprint, but a marathon. Not everyone is in shape to run one.

“It’s the web media equivalent of the central cosmological constant: does the universe of personal sites expand ad infinitum, or else collapse under its own weight?” tech gossip site Valleywag asked.