Active Blog Readers Invited to Political Debate

    January 19, 2006

Later today European Commissioner Margot Wallstrm will arrange a chat online.

That’s not new, of course, but the way to choose participants are. For practical reasons, participation is limited to invited guests — and some of these are “regular commentators” on her blog.

I like that idea. People with views and commitment have through this simple thing called a blog been given the opportunity to have a direct conversation with one of Europe’s leading politicians. Sure, we can all have that in e-mails or meetings or even chats. But this is a small step beyond that. These commentators have been “qualified”, in a way. Their active participation gives them a platform.

As long as Wallstrm’s staff not only have chosen people that will agree with her, this is one more sign of how blogging changes existing structures — political, organisational and corporate.

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