Achieving a Top Ten Placement

    July 22, 2004

Achieving a top ten placement in the search engines can be compared to being invited to a party for the elite. Only the best of the best optimized web sites get to be in the top ten. While many may still agree that this is the truth, one needs to understand the entire picture. How much does Page Rank or Site Rank have to play in the picture of getting invited to the Search Engine’s Top Ten party?

A few years back, Bob Massa of Search King created a program that exploited Google’s Page Rank formula. Massa created a network of sites and charged a monthly fee to have sites link to each other. The advantage of Massa’s network was based upon the fact that it was a lot easier to find high Page Rank sites to purchase links from and increase the Page Rank of one’s web site. Google didn’t like this idea too much and penalized Massa’s group and clients. Massa, of course, attempted to sue Google but lost because the US Court of Appeals ruled that Page Rank was an opinion and was entitled to the protections of the First Amendment.

Now, Google has decided to employ a Topical Match program where they match one’s site to a particular topic based upon how their system reads the site. In order to be matched to the proper topic Google now requires that sites get links from other sites and use link text that defines the topic of one’s site. Depending upon which sites are linking to one’s site, the Page Rank of one’s site could improve. This helps with positioning with Google as Page Rank plays an important part.

In order to achieve an invitation to the party for the elite, you need to have a popularity level that warrants a look. But, the question is how do you get the required level of popularity?

Keys to Achieving a Top Ten Placement

Many will say the following steps are required to meet the requirements of the highly sought party invitations.

Develop your site in a search engine friendly manner.

This requires ensuring your content is as close to the top of the HTML Body as possible.

Use acceptable HTML Standards.

By developing the site using acceptable HTML Standards many features are made available that are otherwise ignored. ALT attributes would be part of the HTML Standards.

Develop your content so that it is optimized in an ethical manner.

Use proper Heading elements and ensure the content includes your most important keywords.

Submit your site to the major search engines.

Submitting to the major search engines could be by using Paid Inclusion, Paid Submission or Pay-Per-Click.

Start your site on the right foot by getting links from other similar sites.

There are many sources available to start this path., and are three sources for link building assistance. Ensure your incoming link text represent your subject matter rather than your URL/domain name or name of your company.

Submit your site to as many associated directories as possible.

There are many directories, but not all directories are useful. b. Do not submit to Free-for-All or classified ads sites.

Write articles covering subjects related to topic of your site.

Two places you can have them published through are and Ensure your incoming link text represent your subject matter rather than your URL/domain name or name of your company.

While some of theses steps are required, they are not all required.

There are many parties for the elite. Some require being more popular than others. For instance, if a site is about televisions the potential list for the party could exceed 8,000,000 depending upon the search engine holding the party. However, these parties don’t always carry the clout they do in Hollywood or Uptown New York in the Diamond District.

The more elite parties that bring higher conversions and greater returns are the more targeted parties. Examples of these higher would be RCA Plasma Televisions, cat urinary tract, pet scrapbook themes. These are examples of highly targeted keyword phrases.

Highly targeted keywords and phrases pull the better conversion rates simply because of a single undeniable factor; that factor is people who seek a particular product are the most likely to purchase. Generic or broad-based searches could result in the person looking for educational information, product reviews, or any number of other concepts available on the Internet.

The question now becomes, what phrases should a site focus upon? That’s a tough question, but fortunately there is an easy answer. The products will define themselves and their appropriate categories. Like with RCA Plasma Televisions, the two or three related categories could be RCA televisions, Plasma televisions or even RCA Plasma televisions.

Without following the above steps a site will perform poorly in the search engines. It is highly recommended that a site owner have their site evaluated for the most profitable keywords and phrases available. There are a number of tools available for this. One of those tools is Digital Point’s Keyword Suggestion Tool.

You, the web site owner, want your web site to perform extremely well in the search engines. Using the above discussed techniques can help you achieve a top ten placement in the search engines.

Lee Roberts President/CEO of Rose Rock Design, Inc. and owner/developer of the Apple
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the search engine friendly shopping cart.