Accepting Payments Online: Which System to Choose?

    October 12, 2004

If you are selling goods or services, software or other stuff you need to arrange online payment mechanism for your customers.

Many websites propose free or paid accepting of credit cards. But just think about it! How many fields should be filled up correctly by your customer and how many time it takes to verify his or her credit card before the deal will be done.

Adding your online shop to e-money payment system allows you to accept payments from your customers right at your website and suppose full integration with the shop, which is transparent for a buyer. He/she can make the payment right after submitting a request. All you need is to implement pre-signed up submit form with the noticeable button with caption “Pay now” or something like that. After submitting your customer is automatically transferred to the page, where he/she can choose any payment system in which he/she have an account to close the deal. After that he is transferred directly to the payment system website, where he/she fills up his/her account number and pays.

Every system has options, when a customer, depending on whether he has successfully paid or not, is transferred to different pages. If the deal is successfully closed, your should provide him with information about all necessary information about it: order number, bought item and delivery. If he refused from paying you may provide some short survey to ask him about the reasons of it.

Notice! A customer is doing his payment via safe SSL data transferring channel provided by the payment system and don’t tell his vital information to you. So payment system is responsible for the security of the deal. After that the customer comes back to your site.

Choosing a payment system.

Obviously, any payment system has its rules and features. Choosing the specific payment system depends on a concept of your online shop and the geography of the customers. If your stuff costs not very much so these electronic payment systems is right for you:

1. E-gold.

Best money since 1996. This system allows your to open up only one free account per person. Open free account. But it has no limits of the transferred sum. You can send even one cent! There are a lot of website, which allows your to add funds to your E-Gold account. For example Add funds. E-Gold offers you free accepting of payments in e-gold money at your website. You can even accept payments from mobile phones!

2. PayPal.

This system has some limitations. It doesn’t accept signing up of merchants from some countries, it requires adding your banking and credit card information to your account profile. Without validating you credit card in PayPal system you won’t be able to spend money from your account. But you’ll be able to have some credit while closing deals if you’ll successfully validate it.
Feel free to open your PayPal account now! This system also provide his merchants with SCI payment mechanism.

3. EvoCash.

Very comfortable and flexible money system. You can also open up 2 accounts: one for online shop, which number is shown to your customers and another, where your will transfer money from your customers to avoid fraud actions with the first one.

The evoswift SCI (shopping cart interface) was developed due to the request of many merchants who wanted a way to let prospective customers buy their products using their evos. Evoswift is a flexible tool and is designed in such a way that it can be used by people with only a little HTML knowledge. (for example in a small donation website) Or it can be used by technical personnel / internet programmers and put to it’s full use on websites that use e-commerce or online betting etc.

Open you free EvoCash account now.

If you want to read more about these and other internet payment systems or implement SCI payment forms to accept payments from your customers online please read this page.

I’m doing internet business not for a long time, but i noticed how complicated is paying online. I have recently discovered the benefits of accepting online payments using electronic money systems and want to share it with the others.