Above All Software and NEON Systems Announce Strategic Partnership

    September 21, 2004

Above All Studio and Shadow z/Services Combine to Accelerate Re-use of Legacy Assets in Service-Oriented Architectures.

Above All Software and NEON Systems today announced a strategic partnership to co-market and sell a combined offering to greatly enhance their customers’ ability to re-purpose investments in mainframe technology as newer composite applications.

Above All Studio offers a complete solution for the rapid assembly of composite applications that cuts through the complexity of typical IT environments. Integrated solutions assembled with Above All Studio pull together key functions from a variety of systems into a focused, unified application that makes business operations more efficient and employees more productive. For example, call center employees may have as many as a dozen applications to address a customer’s call. Above All Studio dramatically reduces the time required to deliver new composite applications with a repository-based architecture and high-productivity visual tools.

Shadow z/Services provides a single-step solution for rapidly transforming mainframe CICS, IMS and IDMS applications into Web services. Organizations that use Shadow z/Services are more able to support new business requirements via service-oriented application development environments such as Above All Studio.

“NEON’s Shadow z/Services and Above All Studio together simplify the steps required to repurpose proven mainframe investments into new solutions to meet new business needs,” said Roger Sippl, CEO of Above All Software. “The two products enable mainframe applications to easily integrate and interoperate with the packaged, custom and desktop applications in use at enterprises today.”

“With the advent of Web services, organizations are now better able to leverage the tremendous value gained through service-oriented architectures and composite applications,” said Mark Cresswell, President and CEO, NEON Systems. “Above All Studio considerably reduces the time to value for new composite applications. When combined with a Web services enabled mainframe, an organization’s ability to deliver high-value applications predictably, with minimal risk, is materially improved.”

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