About Google Website Optimizer

    April 11, 2007

If you can measure it, you can improve it.  The promise of scientific advertising, marketing with measurable results, is now available to anyone.  Anyone can Increase conversion rates with the Google Website Optimizer.  Any website that has conversion as a goal will benefit tremendously by engaging in testing using this tool. 

Google has made its Website Optimizer available freely to all AdWords users.  Multivariate testing is no longer exclusively in the realm of enterprises with deep marketing pockets, but available to anyone who wants results from their marketing campaigns.  Jeffrey Eisenberg of Future Now said, "In the past companies spent thousands of dollars a month for the services that Google Website Optimizer is offering for free." 

Tom Leung, the Website Optimizer product manager, considers it the third leg of a stool that includes Google AdWords, Google Analytics, and now the Google Website optimizer.  Clearly Google hopes that this tool will drive more people to become AdWords Advertisers, but its potential for results oriented testing extends far beyond Google’s portfolio of tools.

Google Website Optimizer – 7 Free Resources To Get Started is a must see.  It rivals Google’s product page in terms of quality information and useful tips.  There you will find a webinar, a white paper, a podcast, and even a WordPress plugin.  The source of this information is an Authorized Google Website Optimizer Consultant.

This tool will do all of the heavy lifting, but your results will only be as good as the design and copy that you are testing.  As Bryan Eisenberg of Future Now says, "being able to test is only half the story."  Your results will only be as strong as your weakest link so this tool is no substitute for good copywriting and design skills.  Knowing what to test is also critical.  For some testing ideas, see GrokDotCom’s 64 Tips for Getting Started with Google Website Optimizer and Conversion Rate Squirrel’s 101 Easy ways to use Google Website Optimizer.