Abigail Breslin Controversial Nude Photo Shoot

    November 29, 2013
    Lindsay McCane
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Abigail Breslin has grown up in the spotlight. From her beginning as a child actress in Signs, to her current roles as a 17-year-old, she has always stole the hearts of the viewers that have watched her grow throughout the years. It seems like lately, however, she has gone from that sweet little innocent girl, to a sex symbol. She recently took part in a photo shoot with the famous photographer, Tyler Shields, where she posed topless in very provocative poses. The question on everyone’s mind is…is 17 too young for a child to be posing this way?

“I wanted to do something iconic with her, something simple but timeless,” Shields said. “She’s the perfect subject for something like this. Incredibly talented, beautiful actress but no one has ever seen her like this. There’s fun in that—showing someone to the world for the first time.”

Many therapists believe that Breslin participating in these types of photo shoots is simply sexualizing a minor. There are millions of sexual predators in the United States alone that view pictures like these daily and pray on children. Abigail Breslin is not yet 18, therefore she is still considered a child, and it is sad that she feels she needs to pose this way to prove that she is growing up.

“This is sexualizing a minor. There are registered sex offenders whose child pornography stash is less provocative than these images. While Abigail is exposing less than what a typical bikini model bares, her youth is being exploited exploiting with the lollipop accent. The public is being seduced by an under-aged girl. This tells young girls that it is okay; that this is what men want and that this is what a female’s worth is based on,” said Los Angeles therapist, Dr. Nancy Irwin.

However, Breslin and Shields defended the photo shoot saying it was all for “fun” and that the pictures are “art”. “Art is about interpretation so I’m sure there are people who think this is to much but she’s an actress if this was for a movie those people would praise her for being bold,” Shields said.

“I love working with Tyler, we always have a blast. We just do it for fun and he’s great,” Breslin said. “I don’t make these conscious decisions to do it to like prove to the world that I’m grown up. I think people see my work and see what I do and see that I’m grown up. But yeah, I’m almost 18. Every headline for the past three years has been ‘Abigail Breslin All Grown Up,’ so I am kind of growing up. I do want to try different things but it’s all for fun.”

[Image via Wikimedia Commons]
  • Collective Delusion

    America is in a collective delusion about what is going on in this country. We still think our teenagers are “kids” even though they are doing everything adults are doing. The reason why there are millions of sexual predators in this country — as the author of this article says(a statement which is outright wrong) — is that teenagers don’t freaking look like teenagers anymore. They look like grown women. Those teenagers are then taking off their freaking clothes. It has nothing to do with age — but rather what they look like. Heck, if I didn’t tell people the ages of some of these girls people would not even know. They would think they are in their twenties and not their teens.

    What do we see on the news daily? Teenagers killing people, teenagers robbing, teenagers beating people up, teenagers attacking elderly people, teenagers using drugs, teenagers using steroids, teenagers have sex, teenagers shooting up schools, teenagers bullying kids so much those kids kill themselves —— why on earth do you still think teenagers are children?

    America doesn’t deal with reality. They deal with some made up idea of things.

  • JT

    You are using Nancy Irwin as a source? Do you even know her background? She started out as an opera singer. Then became a comedian. She isn’t even a real doctor. She is a hypnotherapist. She doesn’t even have a specialization. I wouldn’t be using her as a credible source. Go out to her website. It talks more about her degrees in music and her comedy career and doesn’t even list any medical accreditations. She has a litany of complaints against her.

    I know you are biased when you write … but come on … at least do some freaking research.

  • Sal

    The only reason why America is a “nation of predators” is because our age of consent is so freaking high. Most of the world has an age of consent much lower. In fact, America is the only country that sends people to the hell of prison for decades for sex that is consented to. Out of situations where no one is harmed — literally no one is harmed — we harm people and give them felonies for life. Heck, it is so bad, we set people up on the internet and send them to prison for situations that do not even happen and that don’t involve real people. We also ignore realities. I agree with the person above. Every female star now … from Minaj to Dakota Fanning is taking off her clothes. No one is forcing these girls to do this. They are choosing to do this on their own. Women have to stop blaming men for their own decisions and their own conduct. My God, before this article, I did not even know who Breslin was. I wouldn’t have known she was 17 just by looking at her picture. If you are going to take off your clothes, people will look. Don’t blame men for looking at girls who take off their clothes. Especially, when men don’t even know how old they are. The reality is that attraction doesn’t know how old someone is. Also, lets not be naive about what is going on in this country. Teenager women look nothing like the teenagers of the 50s, 80s, or even the freaking 90s.

  • T.D.

    I worked with BMI in Atlanta. They have the foremost expert on pshyco sexual disorders in Dr. Gene Abel. He actually does a lot of the training for law enforcement throughout the country. The reality is that most men are attracted to teenage girls. It doesn’t make them predators. Attraction doesn’t know age. Also, they are finding that the teenage girls don’t look like teenage girls anymore (a fact we all know), but now they are proving it through research. BMI utilizes retinal scanning technology with pictures of women. Many men cannot tell the difference between a legal aged teenager and an underage teenager. It doesn’t mean that they are going after the underage person — it just means they can’t tell the difference. The reality is that teenage girls are maturing much faster now. Some girls are even getting their periods when they are seven now. The world has simply changed. June Cleaver doesn’t exist anymore. Girls are not climbing trees at the age of 16. They are wearing g-string, walking in stilettos, and partying. Also, I think we are discounting the effects of the internet. Teenagers are not naive anymore. They have access to much more information. They are simply growing up faster. The evidence is all around us. We just ignore it.

    Want to cut out underage girls sleeping with older men? Institute a national ID card. That would go a long way towards stopping it because I hate to tell people — underage women go after older men and they lie about their age. They also have fake IDs. We know this happens…. why do you think there are so many jokes about jailbait? We flat out know underage girls are very attractive and yes, they will sleep with older men. We know girls lie too. Heck, when I was young, I lied about my age to be with an older person. That person didn’t “molest me”, he wasn’t a “predator” — I lied to him and we had sex. Nothing bad happened. No one got hurt. But now that I am older, I realize that I could have gotten him in major trouble. I could have destroyed his life through my lies. Even though no one was the least bit hurt. The sad part is that he was a great guy and I didn’t mind having sex with him. He treated me just fine. I am also now married, with kids, and my life was not negatively impacted. It was just an experience in life.

  • Who are we kidding?

    Who are we kidding. Go out to the net and pull up porn. There are millions of women doing porn and a lot of it is self made.

    I am tired of hearing women’s bullshit. On one hand, they are taking off all their clothes because they want to and on the other hand, they say they are being exploited.

    Go out to the net. Look up porn and see the millions of women doing and smiling while doing it. No one is forcing them.

  • Yep

    Yep, another article blaming men for things women choose to do. Lindsay, go out to twitter, pin interest, and instagram and look at the hundreds of thousands of sexy selfies that women are doing. Girls get off on doing this. Women are just self-centered and nothing but narcissists. The solution to this is very very simple. Girls keep your clothes on. Stop blaming men. You don’t want guys to treat you as sex objects. Keep your clothes on. It is simple.

    Also, who are you kidding. Today’s teenagers look like they are in their 20s. People are being nice in their comments when saying this, but putting it bluntly. The average 16 year old in america looks 5 years older than she is and looks better than her fat ass mom.

  • Nigel Trotter

    Look, I completly disagree with what this girl is doing. I think she is way to young to be doing that and I think taking your clothes off for these kinds of reasons is wrong in general. But because I know what kind of person she is I’m not ready to hang her on a cross just yet. I’m too emotionally invested in Abigail Breslin to drop her at all. I already know she is a great person. I just think she lost her way a little bit right now, but I’m comfident she will eventually get back on track. I’m still rooting for you Abigail!!!! You have my full support until you get better. You got this.

  • S.

    I am a woman. When I was underage, I went after older men and had sex with older men. I knew what I was doing and it is something I wanted to do. The guys were good guys and I don’t regret what I did. My life is fine. I have a career, an education, and a family. I find all this to be nonsense because no one deals with reality. The reality is I knew lots of girls who purposely went after older men. They weren’t abused, molested, or taken advantage of. They did what they wanted to do. It is so hypocritical to say that I didn’t know what I was doing when I am sitting here telling people that I knew what I was doing. Sex is not rocket science. It is about attraction. I was attracted to a guy. He was attracted to me. We had sex. The guys didn’t even know I was underage. I didn’t look my age and I had IDs. This happens all the time but no one deals with reality. People still think its like the olden days. All girls are innocent. The funny thing is that if an underage guy slept with an older woman — most people would consider him lucky and not “abused”. It is a double standard and many men suffer because of it. Like I said … I knew what I was doing…. I made a choice … I know many girls who made the same choice …. none of them got hurt …. in fact, if you want to know the hardcore truth …… I know more girls who got knocked up by guys their own age and their lives are ruined. Dating someone your own age doesn’t mean you will be treated better.

  • Konzo346

    This would have been better 3-4 years ago.

  • Tammy

    Seriously? This article is misleading. Her not being 18 doesn’t mean she is a child, it means she is not a legal adult in the US. In many countries she would already be considered an adult. She doesn’t show any nudity, or look as though she is trying to provoke sexual thoughts. These photos aren’t any worse than if she was wearing a bikini on the beach drinking a bottle of water.. Get over all the BS about this promoting sexual predators already. What a joke.

  • TheSeeker84

    “‘Pray” on children? Maybe learn how to spell and people will take your article more seriously. Not this one of course, because it’s ridiculous, but for your future articles.

  • Bruce Mcrae

    YES way too young!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!