ABC’s “Lucky 7” First on the Fall Chopping Block

By: Meaghan Ellis - October 4, 2013

The ABC network has been making headlines all day. Their fall production line of drama series have garnered record-breaking numbers. However, their series “Lucky 7” didn’t quite make the record-setting list for laudable reasons, which is exactly why the show is getting the ax. ABC announced that the network plans to cancel the drama series “Lucky 7” after airing only two episodes.

With a mere 4.4 million viewers, the “Lucky 7” series premiere produced the lowest fall premiere ratings ever for an ABC drama series. Out of that 4.4 million viewers, the show only attracted 1.3 million adults in the popular 18-49 viewership age group. Then, to add insult to injury, the ratings saw even lower woes in the second week. Barely pulling in 2.6 million viewers, the staggering drop equated to a 41 percent decline in viewership. The percentage decline knocked the series to a 0.7 rank.

“Lucky 7” was originally a television adaptation for a British production. Critics initially clobbered the series with foreboding reviews after the pre-launch, labeling it as ‘sappy and silly.’ The drama series centered around seven impoverished Queens, NY residents employed at a gas station. The lucky seven employees initially win and split a $45 million lottery fortune. However, the great fortune doesn’t bring them much luck in other areas of their lives. The show goes touches on the heartaches and trials they endure as a resulted of their acquired windfall.

Repeats of the ABC hit series, “Scandal” will fill the show’s 10:00pm time slot starting next Tuesday.


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  • Joyce Hooks

    I think that you have a winner in “Lucky 7″‘ but it suffered from poor advertising and positioning. I didn’t watch it until my daughter suggested that I view it On Demand. I was hooked immediately. Before seeing it I thought it was just another lottery story that I have heard many time. I was surprised to find it was a series with intriguing story lines. For my money it’s far better than the Goldbergs.