Abandoned Immigrant Children Wandering In Mexico

By: Toni Matthews-El - March 31, 2014

Immigration (legal or illegal) is a hotly contested subject in the United States. However, one thing all sensible human beings should be able to agree on is that taking money to transfer children safety and then leaving them to wander and die is just evil.

This is what Mexican officials found to be the case when they discovered 370 abandoned immigrant children in 14 states during a one week period.

INM said that the abandoned children “showed signs of extreme fatigue, foot injuries, dehydration and disorientation whereby they didn’t know where they had been abandoned”.

The heart-breaking aspect of this is that their parents are likely in America already and waiting for their children to arrive safely. These people paid anywhere from $3,000 to $5,000 to “guides” with the promise their children would follow them to America.

Instead of helping the children get across the border or even having the decency to find a way to return the children to their country of origin, these persons simply dumped these youngsters on the streets of a foreign country with no food, water, or money and pocketed the fees.

Now Mexico is left figure out exactly what to do with all these children. It’s not certain how they’ll find their way back to their countries of origin and the families there.

That is, if there are any living relations that can be found in the places these children were transported from.

It’s also sadly plausible they may never be reunited with their parents.

I understand that people feel strongly about illegal immigration and are angry at the idea of people sneaking into the United States.

Even so, imagine you paid someone a substantial amount of money to get your own child safely from Point A to Point B. Not because you wanted to, but because you had no choice. And now your child is missing and there’s a chance you may never see him or her again.

If you have a heart, perhaps you’ll say a prayer or think kind thoughts for these poor children. It can’t be partisan talking points all the time.

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  • atimberline

    It is interesting that the God of the bible said there was to be one law for the stranger and the native… no living like the devil in the land where He was feared as God. …it seems we have come to disregard the law and will of this God as much as Sodom and Gomorrah, though perhaps in different but equally abusive ways. These children deserve our care, our most earnest prayers… God will not ask us at His great coming what mighty things we have done, but what did you do for me in the person of these whom many treat as the least of persons.

  • Maria

    Great article. Thank you for being sensitive.