AARP Says Jack Ryan Is Great For People Over 50

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We all know the rating system for films; from G to X to everything in between, the combination of letters and numbers helps us determine what is appropriate for which age group. But a lot of people don't realize that there's a way to choose movies for people over 50, and "Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit" has made the cut.

The AARP, an organization which advocates for adults over the age of 50, has given the film the first ever "Movies For Grownups" seal, which came as a surprise to those who see the film as a younger, snappier version of the Jack Ryan films in past years; "The Hunt For Red October" is now a classic.

Of course, Jack Ryan is a Tom Clancy character, and Tom Clancy is very popular with adults, so it's not hard to see why the AARP would bestow their seal on "Shadow Recruit". Films with the seal have the option of choosing different promotional packages paid for by the organization, an added bonus. The "Movies For Grownups" idea has sparked awards shows and film festivals, giving the AARP bigger clout when it comes to their recommendations.

“From Paramount’s side, it makes total sense to target mature adults because they’re becoming a bigger and bigger force at the box office in terms of ticket sales,” says Gitesh Pandya of

The move to get more adults into theaters may be due to the declining number of teens and young adults queuing up at the box office. But a recent study by Morgan Stanley says that while many teens are still willing to pony up their cash to see a movie--rather than download it, like they do their music--the choice of films is often not high on their list of priorities. Young people, the study says, will gather at a theater for a group encounter and often won't even choose which movie they're seeing until they get there.

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