Aaron Rodgers Injured In Bears Game, What's Next?


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Aaron Rodgers, the star quarterback for the Green Bay Packers, went down with an injury early on in their game against the Chicago Bears on Monday night. he suffered an injury to his left shoulder after a sack in the beginning of the game, preventing him from returning. The severity of the injury is still unknown, but next week is certainly questionable.

After Rodgers left the game, his backup Seneca Wallace came in to finish lout the game, but ultimately lost to the Bears.

Aaron Rodgers was sacked on the first drive of the game by Bears defensive end Shea McClellin. They lost the game, and without their star player, the final score was 27-20 in favor of the Bears.

Wallace was certainly unimpressive in the game, being sacked four times and throwing an interception.

There are a few options for the Packers going into next week, and whether or not Rodgers actually suffered a fractured collarbone will certainly depend on the length of time that he is out. If it is not that serious, he may be able to play through it, but if not, they are left with the options of starting Seneca Wallace, or signing a free agent. If in fact he did fracture his collarbone, there is likely nothing he can do to play through it. A collarbone fracture would keep him out least a month, with similar injuries costing quarterbacks six weeks at times.

It is likely that the Packers will need to pick up a new quarterback after Wallace's performance last night, and the lack of starting experience that he has. As many people might remember, the last time Aaron Rodgers got injured Matt Flynn came in to save the day. Flynn has since left the Packers as an unrestricted free agent, and since leaving he has has been traded by the Seattle Seahawks and released by the Oakland Raiders and Bills in the past 18 months. Perhaps they will turn to him again and re-sign him?

The first report that came showed that Aaron Rodgers only had a hairline fracture, and now the reports are conflicting, but it is likely that he will miss about 3-6 weeks. Next week, they play the Eagles, who are coming off of a big win and impressive performance from their new quarterback, Nick Foles.

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