A UFO Sighting Over Chilean Air Show?

    March 24, 2012
    Richard Stalker
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What some people are calling the most astounding evidence ever collected, is a video from a 2010 Chilean air show at El Bosque Airbase in Chile. The video shows several aircraft doing stunts, then out of nowhere comes a small object that is moving fast! Check it out below!

Leslie Kean, author of “UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go On the Record”, wrote in an article discussing the Nov. 5, 2010 sighting at El Bosque Air Base in Santiago Chile: “From different locations, spectators aimed video cameras and cell phones at groups of acrobatic and fighter jets performing an air show overhead. Nobody saw anything amiss, but afterward, an engineer from the adjacent Pillán aircraft factory noticed something bizarre while viewing his footage in slow motion.”

Some people think otherwise, saying that it is a bug, or it is a swarm of bees. I’m going to go with rods. Rods or “skyfish” are cylindrical “bugs” that some say can move at speeds upwards of 1000 mph. Scientists have tried to debunk the existence, but they show up in the same manner all over the globe. What do you guys think?

Veteran UFO researcher Robert Sheaffer, who covered the topic on his “Bad UFOs” blog, told Life’s Little Mysteries, “What is truly surprising is how easy it is to create a ‘world class’ UFO video, and stump the so-called ‘experts.’ Just get a video of an insect flying around, and edit it carefully so it’s not immediately obvious that the object is a bug. Many UFO promoters have such a powerful will-to-believe that they often do not apply any reasonable critical analysis to sensational claims.”

  • Ron

    There is a lot of evidence that UFO’s are real, but that certainly appears to be an object in the foreground and nothing unusual.

  • Nick

    As to the quote at the end of the article, so 7 independent people edited their videos to make it look like the same false thing, then that was submitted to the Chilean air force, which reviewed it for 2 years and then incorrectly certified that it is in fact a UFO of some kind?

  • http://thehoaxkiller.com HOAXKiller1

    The video shown in this article is the ANALYSIS that proves it is just a bug. It is NOT original video that claimed it was a UFO. When the original video was released it only had the object highlighted while it was in the sky, and it was edited to only show it in the sky. Later, the entire source of the video was released, and after independent analysis the object was discovered in the foreground proving it was an insect. This article is a little misleading, because it is making people think the analysis video that proves it is a bug was the original video that made people think it was a UFO.

  • Stephen Webb

    Yes this footage is indecisive, the amount of information circulating around the world regarding these topics is endless, trying to wade through the amount of information and trying to decide what is fact, theory or fiction is an proverbial mine field.

    The sources and people that you can rely on is few.
    The speculation surrounding this topic is self destructive, as serious researches are trying to resolve issues, you only need one idiot with an agenda and an unprovable theory to put this subject back into the X-Files basket, a term I developed to describe the mainstream media’s take on this and related subjects.
    Unfortunately when people don’t stick to the facts…
    BEST EVIDENCE and start to speculate, that’s all a naive journalist needs to discredit a UFO report.

    All of us who choose to either believe or keep an open mind, and there’s a difference, have to remain concentrated on what we can prove and keep the speculation to ourselves, or to like minded people.

    So is all this is a giant global cover-up controlled by an elite arm of secret government that has researches running around trying to get to the truth. I don’t think so.
    More likely a dumbed down and ignorant media.

    When we examine BEST EVIDENCE,
    it’s irrefutable because it’s there to see, feel, examine and cannot be disputed. For example if we use Crop formations or animal mutilations.
    These cant be readily explained away because the EVIDENCE is there in front of you, and no matter what spin you attach to it, you cant make it go away! It’s there.
    The question MUST be focused on HOW these are done, Not who.
    When we find out how it’s done, hopefully it will lead us to whom.
    Only then will a speculative media sit up and take notice.

    When Dr Stephen Greer delivered the Disclosure conference
    in front of the world’s press in Washington D.C in 2001, I thought then NOW its out there!!
    Here we had serious people from Military, Intelligence, Aviation and Government to tell all they know about their experience with the UFO subject.
    What’s become of it?

    With the Mainstream media not wanting to risk their reputations
    and follow through what these people had to say, the subject dies.
    No not a global cover-up, just self interests and ignorance.

    To get a UFO event on the evening news as a lead story, and not just an item that’s told after the whether report, or after the feel good animal stories, It must stand up to scrutiny, it has to have a credible, well known and respected person or persons who are prepared to put their credibility and interests on the line, with visual and hard evidence that cant be discredited.

    Only then will we get past the establishments road block on this subject.