A Trending Topic on Twitter with No Results

    June 2, 2009
    Chris Crum

Despite Twitter’s rapidly growing popularity, the service is quite known for downtime, and random bugs. In fact, the Twitter Status Blog usually does its best to keep the public informed about known bugs, but I have not seen mention of this yet.

While taking a look at the top trending topics on Twitter this morning, one of them (#inappropriatemovies)is giving me "no results" when I click on it. How can it be a trending topic if there are no results?

#nappropriatemovies - No Results

Interestingly enough, if you search for "inappropriatemovies" with Twitter search, there are plenty of results (hashtag and all):

#nappropriatemovies - Tweets

As you can see from the above screenshot, I am not the only one to have noticed this. The question is, is this a glitch or has Twitter intentionally blocked results for this trending topic (though I can’t imagine why they would). If I’m not mistaken, this has been a trending topic in the past with results that worked just fine.

Meanwhile, the rest of the trending topics appear to work fine. Of course trending topics are part of Twitter Search, and we know it is far from perfect.

Have you ever seen an issue like this on Twitter? Tell us about it.

 Robin Wauters is pointing out anoher bug, where Twitter is not shoing the correct application being used on individual Tweets. It’s showing everything as from the web.