A ‘Star Trek’ TV Series Might Come To Netflix?

    June 22, 2014
    Rachel Kolman
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Star Trek fans may have more to look forward to than a new movie in the next two years. As reported by The Huffington Post, the Star Trek TV series might be reborn over on Netflix. Netflix has reportedly expressed interest to CBS and Viacom (the owners of the Star Trek franchise) in obtaining the rights for their own Star Trek series.

As of now, nothing has been confirmed by either Netflix or CBS, but it’s no surprise that the mega popular streaming website wants the series. Currently, Netflix has five different Star Trek series available for streaming, and it’s one of their top viewed series. In addition, it’s been announced that Marvel will debut several new series on Netflix, including a Daredevil reboot, so claiming the rights to Star Trek just makes sense for the demographic they’re aiming for.

Amidst the rumors, Star Trek writer Larry Nemecek took to his blog last week to address the Netflix speculation, saying, “It’s in Netflix’s interest to be casting for new shows; Star Trek is one of them—especially as Trek’s 737 hours performs as a top draw on Netflix. As I understand it, there have been overtures, but no steps taken.” This statement doesn’t exactly kill the idea, so much as confirm that no moves have been made yet. It doesn’t completely take a new Star Trek series on Netflix out of the picture, an idea many fans are still clinging to.

In the meantime, there are plenty of online web series spinoffs for Star Trek fans, including the popular Star Trek: Phase II. The fan-based series recently just completed a successful kickstarter campaign, raising $46,000 to help fund a new studio space and set design of future episodes, which cost about $15,000 each to make. The web series picks up where the original Star Trek TV show from the 60s left off, with the Starship Enterprise in their fifth and final year of their mission.

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  • MistMaster

    You know, I can’t see this happening… but it would make my decade! I actually think Netflix would be the PERFECT home for a star trek show. They’d be able to cut out the inane action that the Abrams movies have introduced and focus more on big ideas and character development. Part of the reason I got Netflix (even though I live outside the US, I use a vpn service https://ironsocket.com) was cus they’ve got all the star trek shows available for free streaming. Just a shame they’ve started rotating the movies. I’m up for a Twitter campaign!

  • http://www.trepan.com/ You Fail Again

    Other than ST: Phase II, there is the odd “Star Trek Continues” also.


    The productions are an emulation and tribute to the original. Even the aspect ratio is 4:3

    Kind of “disturbing” to watch, nonetheless.
    That’s all I will say about it. :-).

  • Vermontist

    If Netflix was smart they’d just fund Star Trek Phase 2. The guys already have all the sets, the costumes, a studio. http://www.startrekphase2.com

  • The Major

    New Star Trek series on Netflix? That will be enough to get me to subscribe! Please do it!!!

  • bitter_trekkie

    It’ll happen, it’s just a matter of time until Netflix makes an offer CBS likes. CBS knows it is holding the cards here, and it knows that it has no TV outlets (CBS or CW) that is appropriate for a new Star Trek series. After how badly the brand has been managed on TV, CBS is smart to want to do this right, and that does not include anything hilarious like funding a fan project. TV has moved on, and expectations are much higher now. The new series is going to have to dispense with all the archaic broadcast elements, like corny humor and episodic structure. It will still have humor but of a more intelligent variety. It will be like DS9, only moreso, pushed in the character and plotline-heavy direction of other Netflix series. But still PG-13, since that’s solidly the Star Trek brand.

  • Ted Fufu

    Every star trek series has had a luckluster first season. TOS had most of its great episodes in season 2, TNG didn’t become solidly good until season 3, DS9 had a bad first season except for a handful of episodes, Voyager and Enterprise had bad first seasons and didn’t really improve much. I’d love a new Star Trek show but I think it’d probably also start out… bad and get canned soon after.

  • Jennifer Dunn

    Can’t we just have a Firefly revival instead?

    • josh

      That’s what I’m talkin about!!!