A special tip about free .pdf E-book creation for your newsletter

    May 29, 2000

Here’s an interesting tip for those of you who have (or plan to) create an E-book.

Many E-book authors have created their E-book in .exe format. These E-books require the Windows operating system and the Internet Explorer browser, but unfortunately, people using the Macintosch OS can not read .exe books.

Because it is expensive for authors to purchase software to create .pdf files, those computer users don’t have access to lots of information… until now that is!

Today, the people from Adobe give you the chance to convert a variety of documents into Adobe PDF files… for FREE!

Here’s the URL to do it: http://cpdf1.adobe.com/index.pl?BP=IE

Note: you can only create 3 E-books, so be sure to have everything in the right place when you submit your pages!

Using the online .pdf creation service is easy:

– First you register for a free trial. – Then you upload your file, or type in the URL of your Web page that needs to be converted. – When your file is converted, you can download it or receive it as an e-mail attachment in your mailbox.

Just thought this may interest you,

Dirk Dupon

* This tip was brought to you by Dirk Dupon

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