A Slow Year For Web Traffic (So Far)

    March 16, 2009
    Chris Crum

AT Internet Institute has provided some interesting data looking into the evolution of web traffic. So far growth is slow this year.

"Web traffic growth continued to slow down in 2008, for an equivalent number of websites," the report from AT says. "However, we observed a stabilization with a 5.9% evolution rate in 2008, vs. +6.7% in 2007 and +10.1% in 2006. On a long term basis, web traffic jumps about +151% in 7 years for an equivalent number of websites."

But in January, the web traffic evolution rate is below zero for the first time in seven years at -0.1%. Last year it was at +9.3%.

AT Internet Institute Chart

"January usually shows a distinct improvement of web traffic," says AT. "This year, we can observe some stabilization compared to January 2008 (-0.1%). Will February get better results?"

Here’s a look at the seasonal fluctuations from January ’02 to ’09: 

AT Internet Institute Graph

As you can see there’s quite a drop off this year. In fact its a whole 6.2% below the average.

Make of this data what you will. There is more where that came from at the AT Internet Institute’s site here. This is a topic worth keeping an eye on though, and perhaps February’s numbers will paint a slightly clearer picture of the state of web traffic.