A Search Engine For Pizza

    March 26, 2007

Pizza International has recently purchased Pizza.net, a search engine devoted to providing pizza fans all they need to know about pizza restaurants without relying on the yellow pages. The search engine boasts 60,000 pizza places in their database so pizza connoisseurs can surely find a pie that will make them happy.

Tim Simpson, Pizza International’s CEO sees the purchase of Pizza.Net as "an ideal fit for our consumer audience." "Above all, our web search engine visitors like convenience and instant gratification," said Simpson. "This groundbreaking partnership, as well as other preeminent industry-leading companies joining our affiliate programs, serve to rapidly enhance the growth of our Pizza.Net community."

Pizza.Net plans to feature on-line ordering for restaurants that want to provide their customers with a convenient way to place order for delivery or take-out. They also have plans to offer instant messaging, children’s games, financial services, travel and access to libraries of music and movies.

The Pizza.Net search feature was better than expected. When I typed in a local Zip Code I was expecting the usual chain pizza results. Surprisingly the results included local pizza restaurants that were not associated with a chain. One drawback was that some of the results that I received included restaurants that were no longer in business.

"This site affords the 70,000 U.S. pizza restaurants an economical avenue for advertising and promotion because the entire site targets people who love pizza. 72 % of these restaurants are sole proprietorships, the bulk of which have virtually no ability to provide on-line ordering," Simpson said.