A Resolution Regarding Google’s Bounced Check

    July 23, 2007

It took a long time for Debi Jones to receive her payment from Google AdSense, and when the check finally arrived, it bounced (according to a bank teller to whom Jones spoke).  This created a bit of a circus; Matt Cutts himself got involved.  And now the whole situation’s been resolved.

Our previous coverage should get you up to date if you missed the beginning of this ordeal.  Now, to pick up where we left off: on the 13th, Jones, of mobilejones.com, apparently had a telephone conversation with “Suzie and Scott – self described as – in management at Google and covering for Brian who began vacation on July 12th.”

Following that chat, Jones went to the bank again on the 14th.  “Wells Fargo cashes the check and wants to sign me up for a checking account,” she reported.  “I leave the bank happy without a new checking account.”

Everyone stayed on his or her best behavior throughout the two-month event – no whining or name-calling took place – and Jones addressed the situation with an admirable (and amusing) sense of humor.  I’m not sure that we can call anybody a winner, however.

“I’m closing my account at Adsense until I can see that improvements have been made and until Google discloses their revenue split with publishers,” wrote Jones.  “No breath holding on that one.”

As for the question of how a check from Google bounced, Matt Cutts showed up in the comments section to say, “It’s frustrating that there wasn’t enough money in the account for the check that Google sent, so as far as we can tell, it was human error on the behalf of the teller at that first bank that you went to.”

And so ends the circus.  To the best of our knowledge, no accountants were harmed as a result of this show.