A Redesigned Technorati Launches

    June 10, 2005

Technorati, the comprehensive tool for all your blogger needs, has launched a redesigned version of their web site. This new beta edition comes complete with quite a few features, all designed to keep you update on topics going around the blogosphere.

Offering users the ability to search millions of blogs, the revamped Technorati introduces a number of features promising, “Technorati brings you what’s happening on the web right now.” Dave Sifry explains the goal of the redesign on the newly launched Technorati weblog:

A Redesigned Technorati Launches

“We’ve improved the user experience, making Technorati accessible to more people and, specifically, people who are new to blogging. We’ve tried to make it very simple to understand what Technorati is all about, and make it easy to understand how we’re different from other search engines.”

A quick look at the new homepage shows a complete overhauled approach to their appearance. The last manifestation followed the Google model of the simple approach, while the redesigned model follows the enriched experience path, similar to goWholesale.com. Some of these new features include the most popular News, Books, Movies, and Top 100 Blogs tabs. When clicked, users are updated on each of those categories.

Other new features include Technorati’s continuing embrace of tags. Photo links from flickr, furl, delicious, and buzznet will be displayed, provided a query matches the appropriate tag. Users can also subscribe to RSS feeds for posts they have tagged.

Technorati also updated their search feature in order to deliver more robust capabilities for visitors. An advanced search option will be featured with every Technorati search box. They’ve also added a staff page, blogs for the main site and ones for Technorati developers, as well.

These changes are part of Technorati’s effort to appeal to a more diverse audience. When you consider the usability features they’ve added for the update, its obvious they are committed to improving the user experience.

Chris Richardson is a search engine writer and editor for WebProNews. Visit WebProNews for the latest search news.