A Nutty Online Super Bowl Campaign

    February 2, 2007

Another company is using the Internet to launch their advertising campaign for the upcoming Super Bowl. Diamond Foods has a pre-game online promotion that focuses on Emerald nuts and uses entertainer/actor Robert Goulet.

The online content consists of video testimonials concerning unexplained missing or destroyed items, literature regarding Robert Goulet’s dark side and an email alert system warning others in the office about the dangers of low energy. It all sounds like a fairly nutty campaign.

“The growing popularity of broadband entertainment has had a major impact on how our Super Bowl ad was approached,” said Andrew Burke, vice president of marketing for Diamond Foods. “In the past, a commercial was filmed and then we determined if there was a component that could be leveraged for additional exposure.”

“Now an expanded campaign was part of the up front planning for our Emerald nuts spot. By viewing it as more than a 30-second ad, we proactively planned to capture specific additional footage for creative purposes. As a result, we are rolling out an expansive online campaign that will run all the way through the game and beyond.”

The 30-second Super Bowl commercial will air in the third quarter and introduce the snack brand’s approach to offering consumers a healthy source of energy to keep them alert through the midday slump.

After the commercial airs, new elements will be added to the online campaign including interactive audio components that can be seen on Emeraldnuts.com. The company plans to also put their ad on a yet to be named video site.

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