A Niche is in EVERY Neuron of Your Brain

    June 26, 2003

Dr. Ralph Wilson of Wilsonweb.com, a very famous e-commerce consultant once said:

“While unfilled niches are rare, poorly filled niches are exceedingly common. I’ve come to expect so much from the Internet, that I’m often frustrated by what is NOT available online.” – Ralph Wilson

Well, I have to tell you, I don’t quite agree with him on this, (with due apologies) I consider it the other way round, EXCEPT for the fact that poorly filled niches are exceedingly common.

I have my own reasons for which this point of view of mine is based. Maybe you’ll like it, maybe not.

But why I’m saying that unfilled niches are NOT rare when some respectful authority on e-commerce have said it? Here’s my theory, which states that unfilled niches are far far greater in number than one can possibly imagine.

Read the following paragraphs very carefully, so that you get an idea of what I’m talking about.

There are billions of NEURON cells that exists in a human brain, responsible for storing almost limitless information at unique locations in it.

You know it, right?

The data stored in these unique locations which we get in various forms (i.e., the input, e.g., reading, listening, watching, experiencing things) in turn makes countless combinations by relating the stored data into a meaningful form. That’s information.

We then say, we KNOW something. Meaning you have information. Because Information is what that changes the state of your knowledge.

Let me give you an example to illustrate my point. I know it’s getting a little bit confusing. But trust me, you’ll appreciate what I have to say.

Take Internet Marketing for example. You learn Internet Marketing by reading articles, ebooks, attending seminars etc. You build your knowledge upon this information. Then a time comes that you start producing your own content.

How do you produce your own content?

That’s the real power of the human brain. You start “relating” your acquired marketing knowledge with what you already have or gained over the period. Polish it a little bit, and finally comes up with an article or an ebook etc. completely of your own.

Like when I started writing this article, I didn’t know what I’m going to write about, after I wrote its title. But as I started writing, different ideas popped into my brain telling me I should write this.. I should write that. Of course it’s all based on my knowledge that I already have in my brain.

In the same way, when you look at different businesses on the Internet, (both success stories and failures) you start building up your knowledge of how these businesses operate.

Then you start relating different things in your mind about these businesses. What are they aimed at? To whom they are serving? If business A would have implemented the strategy practiced by business B, business A would have been in the profit region.. What went wrong with a particular dot-com? What’s the revenue model? etc.. etc.

…And then finally you decide what can *you* do after studying and analyzing different workings of such businesses to make your business profitable.

While studying these what, when, where, why, how’s of different businesses, by relating their different working models, and by listening closely to the wild cries of people, you ultimately can find a niche of your own.

You see, this technique creates a spawning process. This process will continue to run as long as we imagine the possibilities our brain can have. Which is almost limitless. And remember, I’m talking about ONE single person. Imagine the world population!

As a real world example, take Sydney Johnston’s new niche product MYNAS (Make Your Net Auction Sell) located at: http://mynas.sitesell.com/niche1.html She got into the auction field just out of curiosity. She found the Net auction business has the life-enhancing formula she was after. She had the knowledge. She realized there could be something worth doing as she sensed there’s a market out there for Net Auctions.

What happened next? Well, check out for yourself how her product is selling. :-)

Or better yet, subscribe her Net Auction Masters Course. Click this URL: mailto:tnamsniche1@sitesell.net and send a blank e-mail to receive The Net Auction Masters Course. It’s an intensive 5-Day e-mail course that shows you how to start your own profitable auction business… and how to grow it super-big AFTER you empty your attic and basement.

In closing I’ll repeat, a niche is in every neuron of your brain. All you need is to concentrate, and focus on a specific theme that interests you. Identify it today

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