A New Year….A New Beginning!

    January 1, 2003

The New Year, for me, has always been an exciting and happy time! Recently I was posting in one of the great groups I belong to, hbj_chat, and I compared the New Year to a new page.

The new year always brings the opportunity for what seems like a new beginning, a chance to “start over”. It always seems crisp, clean and exciting! We all get to start with a “new page” and it’s up to us what we want to “write” on it!

Take a few minutes and reflect on last year and your goals, but don’t dwell on the past year’s missed opportunities. We need to look ahead with excitement and anticipation for what we can do with this year’s new opportunities (pages) that will be presented.

Whatever you “write” is an opportunity within itself! At the beginning of a new year we are all at the same point, granted some may be beginning with more than others, but we are all beginning!

As you begin “writing” your business this year, focus on ways to “work smarter and not harder”. We unclutter and organize our garages, our houses, our closets, our cabinets, right on down to our drawers! Shouldn’t we do the same for our minds?

Eliminate (unclutter) situations that are stressful. Focus (organize) on what you did that was positive last year that caused your business to grow and then expand on each of those areas.

When you write articles look for and add more submission sites. As you are participating in ad swaps look for new ways and people to swap ads. Join or participate more in discussion groups and link exchanges while you market your business in general.

The old saying “You can’t see the forest for the trees” sometimes prevents us from seeing new opportunities for marketing and growing our business. Ask a friend or an associate, who’s opinion you value, to comment on what you are doing or not doing.

They aren’t seeing the same “trees” you are seeing and can offer a different view….they might even help you to be able to “see the forest”!

As you begin “writing” this new year don’t lose site of balance. Remember to keep all the “pages” in perspective. From time to time you will need to turn the “pages” down, walk away and take time to enjoy life and everything that goes with it.

So, what do you want to “write” on your new page this year? It’s all up to you! Just get your “keyboard” going, “write” one word after another and then–press enter!!! After all it’s….. A New Year and A New Beginning!

Copyright 2003 Livvie Matthews

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