A New Princess Diana Conspiracy Theory Book

    October 24, 2013
    Alex Williams
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On August 31st, 1997, Princess Diana died in a car crash in Paris, France. Ever since that devastating day there’s been a lot of unnerving claims surrounding Princess Diana’s death. Claims of which are called “conspiracies”, a dirty little word that titillates Jesse Ventura, stimulates elaborate discussions (as well as doubts), and conjures images of paranoid tin foil hat wearers. On one side, you have official reports that conclude that Henri Paul, the chauffeur for Diana, lost control of the vehicle while driving 121 mph with a blood alcohol level of between 0.173 and 0.187. On the other side, you have Mohamed Al-Fayed (the owner of Hôtel Ritz, for which Paul worked) claiming that the crash was orchestrated by MI6 on orders by the Royal Family.


Flash forward to 2013, and you have a Wikipedia page with 6156 words and 70 sources all dedicated to conspiracy theories surrounding Princess Diana’s death. Some of the debunked and archived conspiracies say:


In August and October of this year, two new books were released surrounding the purported plots and pacts to pulverize the princess.

Alan Power’s The Princess Diana Conspiracy claims that Paul had been secretly in cahoots with MI6. Powers goes on in his book saying that Paul was double crossed, and MI6 conspired with an SAS hit squad to wipe out both him and the princess


An even newer booked titled The Assassination of Princess Diana by John Morgan touches up on how someone “tampered with” Princess Diana’s vehicle, resulting in brake failure. Morgan says in his book that even Diana believed there was a plot to kill her based off notes and phone calls she made with friends and lawyers. Princess Diana allegedly said to her friend Simone Simmons that she was being stalked by “the men in grey suits”, a conclave of killers who cut the brakes of her soft-top green Audi in November of 1995. According to the book, what followed next was that Diana experienced brake failure when driving back to Kensington Palace from a doctor’s appoint in Marylebone; the princess winded up coasting through red traffic lights after putting her foot on the brake.


Above you’ll see a letter written by Princess Diana sent to her butler Paul Burrell. Burrell kept it secret until after the car crash in Paris in 1997 which killed Diana. The letter has been questioned for its validity. Lucia Flecha de Lima, a close friend of the princess, said that Burrell was “perfectly capable of imitating” her handwriting.

(Pictures via CNN, WikiCommons, Amazon (1), (2), Telegraph.co.uk)

  • Wow

    I have never understood why people are so reluctant to believe in conspiracy theories. History is full of true conspiracy theories and time and time again the official versions of things are proven to be wrong or outright fabricated. In this country for example, do you realize just how many authors, film makers, reporters, and editors the CIA/NSA has on payroll? Thousands of them. Now, why is it? Do these agencies just want to support the liberal arts? Hell no. They use these people to shape stories and to shape history.

    As far as Diana goes, I have no clue what happened. It wouldn’t surprise me if it was a hit – a murder. Look at your history. In royalty circles, history if full of royalty getting murdered. We think those things are relegated to history books but no, they are still happening today. Man hasn’t become better or more-refined. We are just as bad as we always have been. We have just become better at controlling what people know about things.

    • Alex Williams
      • Wow

        Honestly, most Americans are clueless about how news and media is done in the United States. This video is correct when it shows basically 5 companies controlling the media.

        When talking about conspiracy theories, debunkers always say “Well how come no one has come forward to support these claims?” The reality is that people come forward all the time and many have very good evidence to support what they say. The media just will not report things. You know where the truth goes to die in this nation? Two places: in a courtroom and before an editor.

        • Alex Williams

          Very well put my friend, especially your last sentence.

          I would assume that no one comes forward because it’s (also) detrimental to their well being, no? Would you compromise your job security or life by exposing the truth?

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