A New Google Blog

    November 2, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

The debut of the Inside Google Desktop blog follows the Google Video blog launch, and will be another grass roots PR tool for the company.

Google may be ahead of Microsoft right now in getting new products out to its user base, but the search engine company could learn a lot from Microsoft’s public relations efforts. Google has been making more of an effort, ever since its now-legendary spat with Cnet News became a case study for PR courses around the country.

Like its many projects, Google is building more of a connection with its users by using the in-house talent it has on staff.

Several Google projects now have a dedicated blog on the company’s Blogger service. The official Google blog, and ones for AdSense and other Google products give project managers and other Googlers the chance to discuss the various products, from an insider’s point of view.

Google recently opened up a blog focused on its Desktop 2 product. The first post tells how the company plans to make announcements and other information available from it.

One place where Google’s blog differs from most is in feedback. Google doesn’t allow any on its blogs; feedback has to be submitted to Google via a form. With all the blogs and forums out there covering Google already, they may not feel a need to add one more point of feedback to the mix.

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