A Look At 10 Shiver-Inducing Robots From Boston Dynamics, Which Now Belongs To Google [Videos]

    December 16, 2013
    Chris Crum
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Late on Friday, news came out that Google has acquired Boston Dynamics, makers of some of the scariest-looking robots you’ve been watching on YouTube over the past few years. You know the ones: WildCat, LS3, Atlas, Petman, Cheetah, BigDog, SandFlea, RHex, RISE and LittleDog.

They jump high, they run fast, they move like humans, they sneak through the brush and through the water, and they can be kicked without falling down.

This follows the previous week’s news that Google had acquired seven other robotics companies for its secretive robot lab headed by former Android chief Andy Rubin. Rubin confirmed the Boston Dynamics acquisition in a tweet.

To put things into more terrifying perspective, here are videos of each of Boston Dynamics’ robots:







SandFlea Jumping Robot




Yep, this company belongs to Google now. And here’s a look at some of the other robot models from companies Google has also picked up.

Boston Dynamics has worked with DARPA in the past. According to the New York Times, Google said it will honor existing military contracts, but doesn’t plan to move toward becoming a military contractor.

Image: Boston Dynamics

  • Uncle B

    Got a robot that can help humanity avoid nuclear disaster at Fuckoshima?

  • Economist

    The United States and the world is not ready for robotics. We panic when there is 10% unemployment. What happens when there is 30% unemployment due to robotics.

    Don’t tell me new jobs would be created because of the new industry. They said that with computers and the reality is that computers displaced many, many, workers and has led to reduction of jobs and also massive amounts of underemployment.

    We are not ready and no the future does not look awesome. It won’t be like it is in Sci-Fi movies —- not unless we totally rethink economic systems and the fundamentals of capitalism.

  • Yep

    Yep, and this is how the Terminator got started.

    Ever notice that about man. We never sit down and ask the fundamental question — should we really go down this path. Nah, we just jump right in there. Fools are pursuing things that will be stronger, faster, and maybe even smarter than us. Then probably out there somewhere is a fool trying to make a computer self aware. Eventually those fools will meet and create something to replace us.

    We never think. We just do.

    Do we even have rules that govern robotics? Like Asimov’s basic three laws?

  • MJ

    10 more reasons to fear Google’s real intentions.