A Little Morning Blog At CNBC

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The folks at CNBC opened up a new blog for their viewers to read and comment on. According the CNBC, the blog will discuss how they cover the news, current events and lots of other topics.

They had their big “Welcome” message and talked about the fact they’ve got a digital camera to take pictures of everyone involved. Here’s some of their initial comment:

We’ve got an amazing team. What you’ll get when you log on to TheMorningBlog are the insights about the business news of the day, and more importantly, how we put our show together. From producers to executives to segment producers to bookers to camera crews to anchors to Joe Kernen, there is great thought put into making our 2-hour show useful in every way, shape and form.

The blog is over at MSN’s online network along with the pictures of the crew and of their daily activities. Overall, it’s not a bad looking blog. It will be interesting to see some of their metrics after a few days to see how their traffic builds.

For folks interested, check it out. Their first big controversial post is an editorial on someone refining the opinions on increasing the national sales tax on gasoline.

John Stith is a staff writer for WebProNews covering technology and business.

A Little Morning Blog At CNBC
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  • Jessica

    We have been waiting for a woman president for years and now we are getting screwed.

  • Bob Reed

    When did we throw out the concept of usury rates?  Our business world has spent billions creating demand for goods and services and then has played on that created compulsion with easy access credit.  Unfortunately the greed on the both ends of this spectrum has kept this churning of money to an unsustainable level and alas we are in a world where the stuff we had to have is not worth what we had to pay for it!  We have allowed those with money to take advantage of those without money!  It is as simple as that!!!  I keep hearing it is personal responsiblity and no one has held a gun to someone’s head to accept these simplified credit opportunities;but let’s get real.  I cannot believe the number of payday loans and credit card offers that have been circulated to those with limited incomes.  Not only were these intended to hook the fish, they were intended to keep them on the line.  This predatory lending has been so successful that we have created in the market an over abundance of financial institiutions that quite frankly are not needed.  Now our government says we must save these financial institutions.  Uncle Sam is throwing money at them with the intention that they will loan it out and start churning the money again.  We have forgotten the idea of credit.  Credit is a tool for individuals to be able to purchase higher ticket items, autos, and homes over a reasonable period of time at a rate that makes it possible for that individual to own that asset or product at the end of that period of time.  When it is treated as anything else it creates nothing more than inflation.  Look at the inflation of homes, autos, education, and anything else that has been financed for the last 20 years.  We need to understand that we have allowed ourselves to be used.  We need to learn to say no thanks.  Take your card and shove it!  Our Government needs to stop throwing money at problems and do what it was intended to do.  It exists to protect the American people and stand by those who cannot help themselves. It does not exist just to print more money to keep feeding the greed!  Enough is enough.  Put usury laws back into place and give people an opportunity to actually pay back their loans.  When we have reasonable rates we can stimulate this economy again!

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