A Less Familiar Corner of Social Networking

By: Chris Crum - May 28, 2009

We all know that social networking is where it’s at these days, but it’s not all about the ones everybody knows – the Facebooks, the MySpaces, the Twitters, etc. At the recent Social Media Club gathering in Louisville, Chris Brogan discussed what he calls "velvet rope" social networks. Have you ever participated in an exclusive social network? Discuss your experience.

What Brogan calls "velvet rope" social networks are exclusive to certain groups of people. He likens them to those clubs you see in New York that have lines of people waiting to gain access that have bouncers standing outside with velvet ropes.

He discusses one in particular that is exclusive to medical professionals, but charges certain other types of people for access, and thinks we will see more of this type of thing in the future. Watch the above clip to learn why.

Chris Crum

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