A JavaScript That Kills Google AutoLink Links

    February 23, 2005

Chris and Gurtie at Search Guild have published a working script that webmasters can insert into their webpages that kills Google AutoLink links.

What you need to do:

  • Insert the script anywhere in your html
  • or link it using the <script> tag in the <head> of your pages
  • and it will rewrite, the rewritten urls. Killing the Autolink functionality.
  • Here is the code:

    // AutoBlink
    // Puts Google's Autolink on the Blink :)
    // (c) 2005 Chris Ridings http://www.searchguild.com
    // Redistribute at will but leave this message intact

    var linkcount;
    function countlinks() {
    &nbsp&nbsp var numlinks;
    &nbsp&nbsp numlinks=0;
    &nbsp&nbsp for (i=0; i < document.links.length; i++) { &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp numlinks++; &nbsp&nbsp } &nbsp&nbsp return numlinks; } function checklinks() { &nbsp&nbsp if (!(linkcount==countlinks())) { &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp // Something changed the links! &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp // Iterate for an id of _goog &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp found=0; &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp for (i=0; i < document.links.length; i++) { &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp if (document.linksi.id.substring(0,5)=="_goog") { &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp // If we find an id of _goog then remove the link! &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp var tr = document.linksi.parentTextEdit.createTextRange(); &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp tr.moveToElementText(document.linksi); &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp tr.execCommand("Unlink",false); &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp tr.execCommand("Unselect",false); &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp } &nbsp&nbsp } &nbsp } &nbsp setTimeout("checklinks()",500); } if (document.getElementById && document.createElement) { &nbsp linkcount=countlinks(); &nbsp setTimeout("checklinks()",500); }

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