A Higher Resolution Gnomedex Announced

    January 14, 2006

Heheh, I ever expected Chris to take my advice.

I told him that he should take Gnomedex to a higher resolution. I guess his HDTV and Xbox 360 had an effect on me. Or maybe it was the pile of plasma porn at the CES show (by the way, HDTV manufacturers are already reporting hot hot hot TV sales lately, raising their profits and stock price).

Anyway, he just announced Gnomedex: A higher resolution.

So, what does “a higher resolution” mean? Well, it means your family room changes once it gets an HD screen. For the Web we’ll see WPF and Flash fight it out for “rich” experiences. For phones it means higher resolution screens which let you bring new experiences. For iPods it means video. For Windows users it means Windows Vista with its new experiences.

Hey, Chris, you should have the guy who developed Geometry Wars there. That guy is an awesome technologist (it’s one of the first games that takes advantage of all three cores on the Xbox 360).

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