A Guy Ran Onto the Field at the All-Star Game Because He Got 1,000 Retweets

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This is Twitter user @MasoneDylan:


This is Twitter user @MasonDylan promising to run across the field at Tuesday night's MLB All-Star game if he gets 1,000 retweets:

This is him making sure everyone knows that he's serious:

This is him realizing that he's probably going to get 1,000 retweets:

This is his mother finding out about his plan:


This is where he snuck up to "gather the balls" to do it:


This is when he finally gathered the balls to do it:

...And this is him getting spear-tackled by security:

Finally, here's his girlfriend in the aftermath:

And here she is commenting on all the articles about her boyfriend's stunt. So meta:

The end.

[h/t Daily Dot]
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