A Fairly Ridiculous Amount of People Still Own VCRs

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The list of "things that killed the VCR" is pretty lengthy - I mean, just start naming semi-recent technological advancements in the way human beings consume TV and movies and you have your list right there. Digital cable, DVDs, Netflix, DVR - the VCR, though perfectly useful in its time, is simply a relic of the past.


Well, not exactly. Gallup recently conducted a poll concerning Americans and their tech preferences, and there's a lot of good data there. But the most interesting piece of data (at least to me), is the one that says 58% of American adults still have a VCR. Sure, that's dropped from 88% in 2005, but still. 58%?

In fact, here's a list of things that, according to the Gallup research, are found with less frequency in an American home than a VCR.

  • Desktop computers (57%)
  • Dumb phones (45%)
  • iPod (45%)
  • Gaming console (41%)
  • Streaming service (39%)
  • Tablets (38%)
  • Satellite TV (34%)
  • E-readers (26%)

Yes, Americans apparently own VCRs at more than double the rate of Kindles.

As you might expect, VCR viewership is more common among older adults. While only 41% of those aged 18-29 still own a VCR, 74% of those aged 65 and older do.

I guess grandpa still needs some way to record those golf tournaments.

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