A Dingo Killed Her Baby, Coroner Says

    June 13, 2012
    Chris Gabbard
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Thirty years after the first report of a Dingo killing the child of a family camping in Australia, the case was re-opened in February of this year. A few months later, and an Australian court has ruled that a dingo was truly responsible for the death of 9-week-old Azaria Chamberlain.

The case sparked a media frenzy in 1980 because no one truly believed the mother’s story that a Dingo took her baby. It spawned the catch phrase “the dingo’s got my baby” in the 1988 true-crime drama A Cry in the Dark. This then spurred more copy-cats and parodies, chief among them, Elaine Benes shouting the phrase in Seinfeld. Family Guy also took from the story in parody.

Azaria’s mother, Lindy Chamberlain-Creighton, long maintained that a dingo took her baby, even as she was sentenced to life in prison for her daughter’s murder. Witnesses at the scene claim that she repeatedly screamed, “a dingo’s got my baby”.

The original case was appealed by Chamberlain-Creighton, and she was released from prison. But ever since that time, there has always been doubt as to what really happened. But today, standing outside the courtroom where the verdict was read, Chamberlain-Creighton is thrilled to finally put the tragedy to rest. She and her family are “relieved and delighted to come to the end of this saga. No longer will Australia be able to say that dingoes are not dangerous and will only attack if provoked,” she said to CNN

Chamberlain-Creighton spent four years in prison before new evidence was brought forward in the case. In 1986, the baby’s jacket was found half buried near a dingo lair where the family camped. A Royal Commission was set up in Australia to review the evidence, after which the convictions were formally quashed for both the mother and her husband.

The initial investigation drew the conclusion that a dingo was responsible for the girl’s death. The Supreme Court of the Northern Territory in Australia quashed that finding and brought forth a new investigation. This one led to Chamberlain-Creighton’s imprisonment and later release. Another formal investigation in 1995 led to an open verdict. Protecting her and her families name, Chamberlain-Creighton launched a fourth inquest that culminated in today’s verdict. A Dingo did in fact kill her baby.


  • Missy

    Nice story, horrible gramma. “But ever since that time their has always been doubt as to what really happened”. It is supposed to be there NOT their.
    “The case became a media frenzy in 1980, as no one truly believed the mothers story that a Dingo took her baby.” mother’s NOT mothers… to name just a few examples. If we can rely on writers and/or journalist for good grammar, who can we rely on. Again, interesting article BUT a hard-read

    • Just saying

      If we can not rely on writers for good grammar, who can we rely on. :)

      • maureen murphy

        The readers??

      • shellie

        Its grammar, not gramma. Maybe you should have double checked yourself before bashing the writer.

      • L

        I assumed the word ‘gramma’ was a joke – and a funny one at that.
        The OP is right. English is apparently a lost art. These days, I try simply to be amused by it. Secretly, though, my inner English teacher is horrified beyond belief.

        • BobSaget

          If you guys really want to see some bad grammar, just look at youtube comments 😀

      • Randy

        Just Saying. You are an Idiot. Just saying

    • justme

      “Nice story, horrible gramma.”

      Hmmm…proofreading would probably benefit a lot more than just this author…

      • bradleylloyd

        1-800-huked-ahn-foniks werks!

    • Kathy Griffin

      You’re an idiot!

      • BobSaget

        You’re an idiot too!

    • Kay

      Oh my goodness! Seriously? The only thing you could find to talk about regarding this article was your grammar expertise? Talk about vain!

      • BobSaget

        Yeah, but can freakin DINGOS spell correctly!

      • BobSaget

        Hey your grammar sucks man. oKay?

  • Vince

    The Dago ate your baby!

    • Spicwop

      Dago ate her baby? Lol leave humans out of this!

  • Al Johnson

    The idiots who prosecuted this case must go to prison as this wrongly convicted woman did. All too often the “law” thinks it has its man. Many times they are proven wrong. If the prosecution is wrong they go to jail for four years as this woman did.

  • Fran

    Don’t take your nine week old baby camping.

  • Wanda

    I have followed this story from the beginning (NOT relying on journalists or the media), but some independent experts who raised dingos and replicated the situation with experiments using dolls the same size and weight of the infant (even skull circumference). They ALL were convinced that it could very well have happened as the mother said. The forensics were proven to be spurious at best, and misleasding or exculpatory evidence being withheld, at worst. At first I was extremely dubious of the mother, but was convinced by the findings. (Please don’t examine my grammar too closely, I know it’s bad.)

  • http://Yahoo Tam Sanche

    A good parent does not leave a 9 week old baby in a tent..actually a good parent does not take a 9 week old baby camping. The fact that she left the baby with younger children, unattended, actually makes her guilty. You who believe otherwise are ignorant.

    • Kay

      How presumptous and narrowminded of you. You obviously live in the city and have no clue that for thousands of years people have lived their entire lives outdoors. “A good parent?” Where do you get off making that judgment?

      • BobSaget

        I get off the bus!

      • Dee

        “Presumptuous”, “narrowminded”. Seriously?! So “for thousands of years people have lived their entire lives outdoors”… This may be true, but this wasn’t a hundred years ago or a thousand years ago, not even 50 years ago and it wasn’t a family who was living outdoors. This was a family who was in fact, camping out with a 9 week old infant and subsequently left her alone asleep in a tent. I have 4 children and I have a hard time leaving them alone to sleep in their crib in their nursery let alone in a tent in the wilderness. She is at least guilty of neglect, in which case she has already served her time and has to of course suffer through the pain of that loss for the rest of her life. The fact is that it cannot be proven without a sense of doubt if she is guilty or not for the simple reason that the child’s body was never found. Opinions aren’t wrong either way, they’re just opinions.

    • Jessica

      Yes, it maybe true that she should not left the child unattended. There are many reasons she could of done that she could of put the baby in bed and went for a short distance keeping a close eye on the tent. Maybe she went to the bathroom or to get something to eat and didn’t think a dingo would take her baby. Keep in mind Australia was stating , “A dingo would never take a baby”. So, what if she had that in her mind? Taking a child on a camping trip or nay trip doesn’t make you a bad or ignorant parent. Maybe they didn’t have someone to watch the child or wanted to spend time with teh child on the trip. Either way it is the parents rights to decide that. I take my son everywhere I go, and I am the only one in his life. I do not beleive it makes me a bad parent or ignorant one. The ignorant ones are the ones that judge before getting the eidence because of all these opinions and assumptions. You know what they say about assumptions you are making a butt out of yourself. However, she didn’t go up to the dingo to hand her baby to it (that dingo could of had rabies and attacked her to) or she didn’t kill her baby either because it was proven 32 years later the dingo did it. You can’t sit here and put her in the same category as a cold blooded killer that prooved her innocence. I mean no disrespect but I do not agree with you though.

  • Jess

    This reminds me of that one seinfeld episode! Nevertheless, I feel bad about the real child…

  • Jess

    This reminds me of that one seinfeld episode! Nevertheless, I feel bad about the real child…

  • Jessica

    Well, whether you decide to degrade the mother or not, that is your opinion solely. However, whether the mother yelling, “The dingo took my baby” was true or not is technically irrelevent. It is the evidence that matters, the evidence proves what the mother stated was true or false. Technology back in the 80’s was not as good as the 20th century technology. It is sad that it took them this long to find the evidence of a 32 year old case. A mother spent time in prison when it was a dingo (under the classification of mother nature) that killed the child. It also doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that an animal doesn’t have to be provoked to kill. An animal (whether it is a dingo, hyena or wolf) can be hungry and kill, these breeds like to eat leftovers from bigger predators or they go for the smaller and weaker prey (humans included). I do not see a reason someone should judge because this could happen to anyone. We can either be excellent parents or piss poor ones, but the fact of the matter is that no one is perfect so accidents are entitled to happen. I know if some dingo took my only child, I would be screaming the same thing and hope I have enough sanity to find that dingo. Feel free to agree or disagree with me because it is your opinion, but I follow the evidence not man’s word because man can lie.

    • BobSaget

      You know that moments where you DON’T wanna read? I just had one of those moments.

      • Jessica

        well, then don’t read. No one is forcing you to read or not to read. I have no problem either way.

    • Kay

      Well said.

      • Kay

        Well said Jessica.

    • Mildred

      Uh,Jessica….the 80’s decade WAS in the 20th century! We are now in the 21st century. That’s what all the Y2K fuss was about.

      • Jessica

        Well, that can be debated either way. Because technically the 1980’s are classified in the 19th century and the anything in the 2000 on up to 2100 is the 20th century. There are people that classify the 1980’s as the 20th century. So, it depends opn who you ask. Like I said, feel free to disagree or agree with me.

    • mia

      I like and agree with what you said Jessica, but the 80s was the 20th century.

      • Jessica

        Sigh, I guess if that is the way you see it. However, during this time period, it was stated that we are coming into the 20th century. Technology is coming out… blah blah. Now everyone is saying that we are coming into the 21st century and there are alot of people that do not. ok, I respect your disagreement on my posting, but I am not trying to make the issue or a statement about this, it is about the case. :)

  • BobSaget

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  • BobSaget

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  • K

    Domestic dogs have been known to kill babies and small cats. A dingo is a wild dog and will run off with anything small it sees as prey. Maybe the dingo was really hungry. Humans are not always at the top of the food chain.

    • Jessica

      Amen to that comment, see there are a lot of people that live in thsi world that humans are at the top of the food chain. In certain areas or situations, we are no longer at the top. Very well said.

  • http://wwwyahoo.com Joseph Eddie Gaspard (TeeBo)

    It is a proven fact that wild anamal will attack a defencless human such as a baby,if they are hunger. they could have placed a maniac out where the attacked,and find out for sure. thats what i believe.

  • Eric

    Ellow Guvna! A dingo ate muh Baby!