A Cup of Java Easier To Swallow

    March 28, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

Sun Microsystems is promising easier times for web developers with its forthcoming Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 5 (Jave EE 5) and Java Platform Standard Editions (Java SE). In advance of those releases, Sun has released Java Web Services Development Pack 2.0 (Java WSDP), which features the same web service technology.

Also as part of this package grouping, Sun is providing NetBeans 5.0 IDE bundled with Sun Java System Application Server to help developers speed up implementation, debugging and deployment.

Sun also says the platform’s web tier includes the Java Standard Tag Library (JSTL) and JavaServer Faces Technology, both designed to make development of web applications easier.

“Java EE 5 will bring back people who are scarred, wounded and saddened by J2EE as a whole. It has a lot more pleasant view and a natural programmer style,” Hani Suleiman, chief technology officer of Formicary told AjaxWorld.

The Java WSDP is part of the open source GlassFish project, and is a freely available integrated toolkit that developers can use to build, test and deploy web services.

Expect Java EE 5 to have these features:

Next-generation XML and Web services technologies slated for inclusion into Java deployment platforms.

Ability to enhance web services performance without revising WSDL files or application code because of updated Fast Infoset features.

Provisions for greater web services application security features with enhanced XWSS technologies.

Java interoperability and portability across platforms and devices, including those from Sun and other vendors.

A new expression language (EL) syntax that allows deferred evaluation of expressions, enables using expressions to both get and set data and to invoke methods, and facilitates customizing the resolution of a variable or property referenced by an expression

Support for resource injection through annotations to simplify configuring access to resources and environment data

Alignment of JavaServer Faces technology tags and JavaServer Pages (JSP) software code

The Java WSDP 2.0 is available for free download at the website. Also available is the NetBeans IDE 5.0 with the Sun Java System Application Server, Platform Edition.