A Collected Google PageRank Primer

    December 1, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

Admit it, you dream about PageRank, how to improve yours, why some attempts to improve it work while others leave you wondering why your site vanished from Google for the third time in eight months.

Ho John Lee’s Weblog collected some of the most scintillating reads on the secret sauce and the eleven herbs and spices that power search algorithms.

Why collect this information? He explained more in the blog post:

I’m looking at a fairly narrow search application at the moment, but the general idea of using subjective reputation to personalize search results and to filter out spammy content seems fundamentally sound, especially if a network of trust (social or professionally edited) isn’t too big.

The post listed three sources of information that purport to shed the light of day on the shadowy realms of PageRank and search algorithms. These sources discuss “content similarity,” the cost of raising one’s PageRank, and a technical introduction to search analysis and rank.

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