A Closer Look at That Bing Toolbox

Microsoft Showcases it in San Jose

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Back in June, Microsoft launched the Bing Toolbox. This is pretty much what you might consider a one-stop shop for Bing webmaster, developer, and advertiser resources. Microsoft described the Toolbox as an organized set of tools for the entire Bing community, and a one-stop portal to all of the services you need to drive traffic and increase engagement with your site and applications.

At the Search Engine Strategies conference in San Jose, there was a Bing Toolbox workshop that went through various tools offered in the Toolbox.

Bing Toolbox

The "toolbox" section of the Toolbox features:

– Add a Site
– Submit Your Sitemap
– Get an AppID
– New Silverlight Tools

The Add a Site feature lets you submit your domain URL directly to Bing. The sitemap feature lets you submit a sitemap file via Bing’s Webmaster tools. The Get an AppID lets you get started with the Bing API, and the new Silverlight tools section takes you to where you can download the Silverlight software developer kit and manipulate search results with the click of a button.

Also in the Toolbox area are snippets from the Webmaster Blog and the Developer blog.


The "Developers" section of the Toolbox features:

– A whitepaper
– Access to the Bing Software developer Kit
– Bing Product Guidelines
– Libraries and apps for getting started with the API, the Bing Maps developer center, and Bing Translator
– Related resources for Silverlight SDK for Bing, PowerToys, and the Code for Green Contest
– Bing API Terms of Use


The "Webmasters" section of the Toolbox features:

– Bing product guidelines
– Site submission
– Sitemap submission
– Bing API Web Page Error Toolkit
– Malware detection
– SEO toolkit
– Related resources like the Bing whitepaper, Channel Bing video, and Webmaster help guidelines

The "Ads & Campaign Tools" section of the Toolbox features:

– Access to register for the Ads Pilot Program
– Access to adCenter
– Microsoft Advertising Intelligence tools
– Search advertising tools
– adCEnter adExcellence program
– Resource for all ad tools

Beyond these four main sections there are also navigational tabs for support and community, which can be used to connect with Bing and other Bing users. Community provides access to blogs, forums, media, and events, while support gives you access to FAQs, webmaster help, developer help, and Bing API documentation.

"Today search has become an integral part of our life. Search has become a platform," said Bing Principal Group Program Manager Rajesh Srivastava. "Bing Toolbox is a tool that helps you connect with search. What is Bing’s strategy? What are our goals for Bing? We have to deliver the best, most comprehensive experience for users. Bing is about delivering great results. We are also looking at organizing the results to enhance the search experience. If you are doing a search you have a decision making process in mind. Bing is all about making the user get to their decisions quicker!"

This was a sponsored session, in case you couldn’t gather that from such a quote, but Bing is still new to the search block, and webmasters still have questions. This is all the more reason to pay attention to what Microsoft’s doing, and the features they’re offering in this Toolbox.

On a related note, Bing says they have a "treasure trove" of data and are working to get that info to developers via the Bing API 2.0. They say they’re adding more and more pieces of data to the API that users can extract.

A Closer Look at That Bing Toolbox
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  • http://www.eporiaecommerce.com Ecommerce Design

    The Bing Tool Box is an improvement over previous MSN/Live tools. Interesting to see Google shaking things up too since Bing came on to the scene. Undoubtedly, the coming year is going to be a real roller coaster ride in the world of search.

  • http://www.multibrowserviewer.com Browser Watcher

    A major improvement for sure! The interface is clean and intuitive. Also the webmaster tools gives a webmaster good feedback.

    A big thing that is missing for me is an API to access the webmaster tools information like backlinks, verification, status of site and last craweld information.

    A minor thing is that the backlinks only return 20 results, unless you download the list of backlinks to a file.

    I loike the fact that they made the Submit URL and Sitemap big and bold, and easy to find – great way for bing to get more quality pages.

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