A Behind-The-Scenes Look At Call of Duty: Ghosts Multiplayer


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To say that multiplayer gameplay is the bread and butter of the Call of Duty series would probably be an understatement. While the single player storyline is by no means thrown away by Activision/Infinity Ward, it's not why the game is so incredibly popular. No, pwning noobs and stomping inferior, unbalanced teams is why CoD continues to dominate whenever a new copy is released. That's why it makes perfect sense for the development crew to create a 6-plus minute video detailing some of the new features that will be available when Call of Duty: Ghosts hits the stores.

Instead of simply focusing on the developers and their point of view, this promotional video features actual gamers and their reactions to new multiplayer features like Crank. The idea, of course, makes use of the "if these guys like it, other fans of the series will, too" approach. The question is, are these new features enough to attract the "did they really make another CoD game" crowd?

While such a video is not needed for CoD fans who are already committed to Ghosts when it hits the shelves, how effective is something like this for attracting those with a "wait and see" attitude? Is this the kind of preview that can tip the scale? Not that Activision/IW needs much help in that department, lest we forget the sales figures surrounding Modern Warfare 2. And 3.

And Black Ops 2.

In other news, it's nice to see Games HQ Media is capable of releasing a video that actually adds to the discussion. Granted, it looks like the footage has been copped from somewhere else, but hey, at least it's useful content.