93-Year-Old Woman Gunned Down By Texas Police

    May 8, 2014
    Toni Matthews-El
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More than 100 people are said to have attended a vigil for the 93-year-old woman that was fatally shot outside her home on Tuesday.

Though the incident is being investigated, the entire matter seemed to have stemmed from a 911 phone call about an armed woman.

When police arrived on the scene in Hearne, Texas, they found the irate Pearl Golden. Golden was allegedly angry at her nephew for taking her car keys away because she had failed a driver’s license exam.

Supposedly she had threatened him over the car keys with the weapon.

When the police arrived on the scene, Officer Steve Stem ordered Golden to put down the weapon.

According to a police report, when Golden didn’t comply, the officer shot her at least four times. An exact number has yet to be confirmed.

The elderly woman was taken to a nearby hospital where she was pronounced dead.

Stem has since been placed on administrative leave. Meanwhile, members of the community are heartbroken and trying to figure out just how the situation got so far out of hand.

Hearne Mayor Reuben Gomez addressed the crowd at Golden’s vigil, saying that Stem was going to be a topic of discussion during a Saturday city council meeting.

It’s expected the city council will debate what actions to take, if any, against the police officer.

As family, friends, and neighbors gathered to remember the woman that was known affectionately as “Ms. Sully”, they prayed for peace and patience with local authorities.

The investigation is ongoing and members of the Hearne Police Department, Robertson County District Attorney’s Office and Texas Rangers are working together to determine what happened and what actions to take going forward.

As the news gains national attention, many have been skeptical about the need to shoot a 93-year-old woman multiple times, even if she was armed.

What do YOU think: Was the shooting justified or excessive and unnecessary? Comment below!

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  • smithsson

    wow…shot not just once…four to five times! …on a 93 year old woman.

  • Kay

    Why FIVE times? …….. WHY he is afraid ofa 93 yrs old woman what if she has dementia or alzheimer’s disease? She may not know what she was doing. The Police could wait till she calmed down first then take the gun away like old times..

    • Deid

      Let’s find out the whole story first. If she had dementia and/or Alzheimer’s.. they can become violent. Her own nephew called 911. How come he couldn’t handle his sweet little ole’ granny? I’d run for cover if someone was wielding a gun outside. Why doe she even own a gun? If she’s got dementia or Alzheimer’s like many of you claim, then why does she own/have a gun or even know where it was place in the home.

      • Kay

        Wow, I did not know that about her own nephew. Thanks Deid

  • beargray


  • big john riley

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    • lz53

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  • shelby2374

    That’s horrible. Did they have to fatally shoot her 5 times?? Why not shoot her in the leg or somewhere else where it wouldn’t of killed her. I do understand what the cops faced, not knowing if she would shoot 1 of them, but damn shooting her 5 times and fatally is aoverkill!!!